Traineeships and internships

A traineeship (or internship) is a learning and training opportunity that can be experienced in different ways: 

  • students can undertake curricular traineeships/internships only (or more than one, activated in the same way) 
  • students who have completed their studies within the preceding 12 months can undertake extracurricular traineeships/internships.

Cosp handles all the procedures relating to the activation of internships in public and private organisations and companies, for students, graduates and postgraduate students enrolled at our University.  

In order for traineeships/internships to be correctly activated, all host companies and organisations must provide:

  • an Internship Agreement defining the nature of the host institution’s relationship with the University (more information on which can be found in the section “Internship Agreements” on this page); 
  • an individual Training Program for each intern, setting out the objectives of the internship and the procedures for carrying it out, and including  details of the tutors (from the host institution as well as from the University), salary (where applicable) and insurance coverage (accident and third party civil liability, and the Inail PAT d’ateneo (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents – University territorial insurance position)


Internship office

For information

E-mail assistance: [email protected]
Phone assistance (02.503.12032):

  • Tuesday: 10 am to 12 noon
  • Thursday: 10 am to 12 noon

The internship agreement is a legally required document that governs the relationship between - and the rights and obligations of - the University (the sending institution) and the organisation/company/freelance professional/association (the host institution) as well as those of future interns. 

The internship agreement does not, therefore, relate to individual interns and their internship period, rather it is a document with a 60-month validity which can relate to a number of interns over a period of time.

How to sign up to an internship agreement

Companies interested in signing up to an internship agreement must submit an application to sign up through the University’s placement services portal as follows: 

  1. Register
  2. Log in on the page Accesso aziende>Gestione tirocini>Convenzioni>Aderisci alla convenzione (Company access>Manage an internship>Agreements>Sign up to an internship agreement).
  3. Fill in and send the application form: the office will approve the application and the company will receive an email confirming approval. 
  4. Print, sign and send the signed signing up form (accompanied by a copy of the signatory’s identity document, if signed on a hard copy) to the email address: [email protected]  .
  5. The office activates the internship agreement, the host institution receives a confirmation email and proceeds to enter the details of the internship training programmes. 


For more information contact [email protected]

For Bachelor's and Master's graduates, as well as those who completed a Vocational Master's or Doctoral programme, within 12 months from graduation

After activation: suspension, extensions, early termination, completion, accidents, etc. 

Pharmacy internships, early legal traineeships, internships in court, for labour consultants, the humanities professions, project Ulysses (Computer Sciences and Economics).

Internships in the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), both in Italy and abroad, and at the CRUI (Conference of Italian University Rectors).

Traineeships abroad
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The University offers to its students and graduates many opportunities to go abroad for an internship.

Find out about available projects, calls for notice and activation procedures for international internships abroad.