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The University of Milan filed its first patent application in 1992, for a chemical-pharmaceutical design by Marco Pallavicini, Luigi Villa, Ermanno Valoti and Oreste Piccolo. Since then, around 300 patents have been filed as a result of research projects carried out by our teachers and researchers, also in collaboration with other universities, institutions or companies.

The University is the exclusive owner or co-owner of 81% of these patents; the remaining 19% comes from projects funded by national and international companies.

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Breakdown of patent portfolio
Application area

A breakdown of our patent portfolio by application area shows a higher share of inventions related to the health sector (40% of the total), followed by chemistry and biology (22% and 21%, respectively).

This data reflects the original medical vocation of the University, which has eight clinical Departments (generating 19% of patents), in addition to the two Departments of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (15% of patents).

The academic field that generated the largest number of patents is Chemistry (27%), with the Agricultural and Food Sciences Departments also standing out (16%).

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Active patents are mostly exploited through sales (34%) or licences (48%). The patent portfolio lists the patents available for licensing agreements, pending an industrial partner for commercial development. Non-patentable technologies available for transfer agreements are also included.

Consult the patent portfolio and write to for more information on available technologies and patents or for regular updates on innovations in any sector.