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Suspension of services - August 2021

Internship Services and Post-Graduate Guidance and Placement Services will be available until Friday 6 August.

Services will resume on Monday 23 August.

Phone and e-mail support services will be suspended from 9 through 20 August.

NOTE: Please pay attention to the following deadlines

Internship Services

  • For curricular internships starting between 6 and 25 August: upload the signed learning agreement (and any other documents) by Tuesday 3 August;
  • For extracurricular internships starting between 9 and 31 August: submit the learning agreement by Friday 30 July and upload all documents by Tuesday 3 August.

Requests for early closure, extension and suspension of internships in progress must be submitted by Tuesday 3 August.

Post-Graduate Guidance and Placement Services

Requests for service registration and job postings submitted by Wednesday 4 August will be processed. Later requests will be dealt with starting form Monday 23 August.

This free service allows companies to publish and edit job or internship offers that will be visible to students and graduates of the University of Milan, and to receive applications directly.

How to publish an offer 
  1. Register on the UNIMI-Almalaurea portal or log in using your credentials, if you are already registered
  2. In the field “type of offer”, specify whether the offer relates to: 
    • a curricular internship aimed only at students 
    • an extracurricular internship aimed at graduates who have obtained their degree within the past 12 months 
    • job offers
  3. Specify in the “disciplinary areas” field the areas of study you are interested in, out of those  offered by the University of Milan
  4. Ask for the offer to be published  (COSP must validate it first) 
  5. In the “manage offers” section view the applications received and download CVs in real time.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before publishing an offer:

  • offers published on the online noticeboard must only relate to professional jobs which stipulate a university-level education, either ongoing or already completed;
  • internship offers: an internship is a training activity and offers must therefore adhere to this basic principle;
  • for job offers, always select the contract type offered (“Contract type” field) and, if “other” is selected, indicate under “category” the type of contract offered; 
  • once it has been created, the offer will remain in draft form until you ask for it to be published. Our staff can check and publish the offer only after you request its publication.