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Job Fair 2022 - La Statale: sospensione servizi in data 19 ottobre 2022
In occasione dell’evento Job Fair 2022 - La Statale, l’Ufficio Orientamento Post-Laurea e Placement sospenderà i servizi mercoledì 19 ottobre, compresi il ricevimento telefonico ed il servizio di risposta mail.

The extensive online database containing the CVs of students and graduates of the University of Milan allows companies to search for the candidate that best suits their requirements, save the results of any searches carried out and retrieve them at any time for viewing the selected CVs.

Use of the database

The CV database can only be accessed by registering on the UNIMI-Almalaurea portal.  

The service is free and allows users to view a limited number of CVs every year.
The service can only be used for the purpose of selecting staff and initiating recruitment and/or internship procedures.  The service must not be used for promoting training courses or other training activities, even if they are provided free of charge.

The University may deny access to the database in the event of misuse.

Truthfulness of the data contained in the CVs

The University of Milan guarantees the truthfulness of the data entered into the archives of the University (personal and academic details) but is not responsible for the information entered by students and graduates (e.g. foreign language and computer skills).

Viewing of anonymous CVs

The anonymous CVs of students and graduates of the University who have given their permission for their CVs to be viewed, can be freely viewed by companies under Law 183/2010 -  Collegato Lavoro (Italian employment legislation).