How to book indoor or outdoor spaces

The University of Milan proposes many small and large events in the context of teaching and research activities, as well as to disseminate and popularise scientific results, promote culture and a participatory and constructive analysis of contemporaneity. 

The use of spaces for the organization of events is also open to external parties, as long as it is consistent with the institutional image of the University and in its sole discretion, as established by our Regulations. To book a space, either free of charge or for a fee, send your request at least 60 days before the date of the event.


Use of classrooms can be granted on weekdays and holidays, if there are no lectures or exams. To check availability, write to:

  • Caslod Milan Centre for the locations in via S. Sofia, S. Alessandro square, via Conservatorio, Sesto San Giovanni
  • Caslod Città Studi for the locations in via Celoria, via Golgi, via Mangiagalli, Lodi.