The history of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Although formally born in 1924 as one of the four faculties of the University of Milan, the School of Medicine and Surgery deepens its roots in the health professions and arts that can be traced back to the Fourteenth century in Milan.

This age-old tradition is earmarked by the public health measures adopted during the serious plague epidemics that afflicted the city and by Ca' Granda, the Hospital for the Poor built in the Fifteenth century upon the initiative of Francesco Sforza, which is today the prestigious seat of the Faculty.

The teaching activity was formalized in the Eighteenth century with the creation of the Hospital schools of anatomy, surgery, obstetrics, and the subsequent development of pathological anatomy, laboratory medicine, and psychiatry in the Nineteenth century. Meanwhile, several associations and welfare initiatives laid the foundations of institutions that are still active today, including the Rickety Institute (later Orthopedic Clinic) and the Serotherapy Institute of Milan.

The Clinical Specialization Institutes, such as the Institute of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, the Clinic of Occupational Diseases and the Hospital of Contagious Diseases, were established in 1904, and were joined soon after by structures such as the Italian Institute of Stomatology, the Paediatric Clinic, and the Occupational Health Clinic, the first institution in the world dedicated specifically to workers' health.

After the official creation of the Faculty in 1924, the Institutes of Basic Sciences were also established with headquarters in Città degli Studi, where the National Cancer Research and Treatment Institute was inaugurated in 1927.

Right form the start, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery provided both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covering the full spectrum of medical education.


Explore the University research areas and topics

  • 1924/25 - 1925/26: Prof. Ferdinando Livini, Anatomia
  • 1926/27 - 1931/32: Prof. Alberto Pepere, Anatomia patologica
  • 1932/33 - 18/02/1933: Prof. Carlo Foà, Fisiologia
  • 19/02/1933 - 1934/35: Prof. Riccardo Galeazzi, Ortopedia
  • 1935/36 - 1935/36: Prof. Pietro Rondoni, Patologia generale
  • 1936/37 - 1937/38: Prof. Mario Donati, Clinica chirurgica
  • 1938/39 - 07/06/1945: Prof. Antonio Cazzaniga, Medicina legale
  • 08/06/1945 - 24/09/1945: Prof. Mario Donati, Clinica chirurgica
  • 25/09/1945 - 1949/50: Prof. Antonio Cazzaniga, Medicina legale
  • 1950/51 - 1954/55: Prof. Angelo Cesare Bruni, Anatomia
  • 1955/56 - 07/02/1961: Prof. Ivo Nasso, Pediatria
  • 08/02/1961 - 1965/66: Prof. Agostino Crosti, Dermatologia
  • 1966/67 - 1968/69: Prof. Luigi Villa, Clinica medica
  • 1969/70 - 1974/75: Prof. Arduino Ratti, Radiologia
  • 1975/76 - 1983/84: Prof. Paolo Mantegazza, Farmacologia
  • 1984/85 - 1998/99: Prof. Antonio Emilio Scala, Chimica e propedeutica biochimica
  • 1999/00 - 2004/05: Prof. Guido Coggi, Anatomia patologica
  • 2005/6 - 2011/12: Prof. Virgilio Ferruccio Ferrario, Anatomia umana
  • 1984
    Prof. Angelo BAIRATI, Anatomia umana
    Prof. Enrico VIGLIANI, Medicina del lavoro
  • 1985
    Prof. Augusto GIOVANARDI, Igiene
  • 1987
    Prof. Cesare BARTORELLI, Clinica medica
    Prof. Luigi GALLONE, Chirurgia
    Prof. Alfonso GIORDANO, Anatomia e istologia patologica 
    Prof. Vittorio PUCCINELLI, Clinica dermosifilopatica
  • 1988
    Prof. Pietro CACCIALANZA MIGLIO, Dermatologia
  • 1990
    Prof. Ettore BOCCA, Clinica otorinolaringoiatrica
  • 1991
    Prof. Carlo Lorenzo CAZZULLO, Psichiatria
  • 1993
    Prof. Elio POLLI, Clinica medica
  • 1997
    Prof. Mirthad PAZARDJIKLIAN, Fisiologia
    Prof. Giuseppe PEZZUOLI, Chirurgia
    Prof. Mario TIENGO, Anestesia e rianimazione
  • 1998
    Prof. Nicola DIOGUARDI, Clinica medica
    Prof. Angelo FASOLI, Medicina interna
    Prof. Carlo ZANUSSI, Medicina interna
  • 1999
    Prof. Giovanni Battista CANDIANI, Ostetricia e ginecologia 
    Prof. Carlo MARTINENGHI, Radiologia
    Prof. Paolo PINELLI, Neurologia
  • 2000
    Prof. Walter MONTORSI, Clinica chirurgica
  • 2001
    Prof. Paolo MANTEGAZZA, Farmacologia
  • 2002
    Prof.ssa Adriana GUARESCHI, Neuropsichiatria infantile
  • 2005
    Prof. Angelo AGOSTONI, Clinica medica
    Prof. Giulio COSTANZI, Anatomia patologica
    Prof. Giovanni FAGLIA, Endocrinologia
    Prof. Gemino FIORELLI, Clinica medica
    Prof. Ennio GIANNI’, Odontoiatria
    Prof. Adalberto GROSSI, Cardiochirurgia
    Prof. Ettore MARUBINI, Statistica
    Prof. Antonio PECILE, Farmacologia
    Prof. Alberto PERACCHIA, Chirurgia generale
    Prof. Enrico PISANI, Urologia
    Prof. Fabio SERENI, Pediatria
    Prof. Roberto VILLANI, Neurochirurgia
    Prof. Giorgio VOGEL, Odontoiatria
    Prof. Alberto ZANCHETTI, Clinica medica
    Prof. Bruno ZANOBIO, Storia della medicina
  • 2006
    Prof. Emilio AGOSTONI, Fisiologia umana
    Prof. Mauro MANCIA, Fisiologia umana
  • 2011
    Prof. Francesco Clementi, Farmacologia
    Prof. Eugenio Muller, Farmacologia
    Prof. Guido Tettamanti, Biochimica
    Prof. Mauro Moroni, Malattie infettive
    Prof. Marcello Giovannini, Pediatria
    Prof. Guido Coggi, Anatomia patologica