Veterinary Medicine

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at University of Milan offers a stimulating environment for study and research in the areas of ​​Veterinary Medicine, Animal Production and Veterinary Biotechnology.

After transferring the Faculty from Milan to Lodi in 2018, it now has the newest facilities designed by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, an educational hospital where students progressively approach clinical-assistance activities involving different animal species under the guidance of the medical staff, and an experimental zootechnical center for learning about the different aspects of animal husbandry.

The provision of educational programmes, which are constantly linked to both the professional realities and the needs of the territory, has gained strength from the consolidated knowledge and experience that is rooted in one of the oldest schools dedicated to the study of animal diseases and husbandry, namely, the Veterinary School that was founded in 1791 and merged into the University in 1932.

Lodi - Via dell'Università 6

President of the Managing Committee
Prof. Gustavo Gandini

The selections are open for teams of students who will represent the Università degli Studi di Milano in July 2022  in the IBA-VIAC CDRC VIENNA - The Mediation and negotiation competition, Deadline 15 September.

Please be informed that you may apply for a waiver from in-person/online exam requirements only as of June 2, due to technical issues. If you need to take a written exam remotely, for cause, submit the online form available through the LezioniUnimi app. If you wish to take an oral exam in person, just note it in the dedicated section of the app.

The new Rector’s Decree of 30 April, provides organizational guidelines and regulations on educational and scientific activities and on all other University services.

The Decree will be effective until 31 July, in line with the timing of Government measures.

Educational offering a.y. 2021/2022
A.Y. 2021/2022
Animal Husbandry and Welfare
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Animal Science
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Breeding and welfare of companions animals
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Veterinary Medicine
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Animal Husbandry Sciences and Technologies
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Veterinary Biotechnology Sciences



The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is located in Lodi on via dell’Università 6. It consists of a central educational building, a University Veterinary Hospital and an experimental zootechnical centre



The central educational building has 19 rooms while University Veterinary Hospital has 4 classrooms.

Course Administration

via Dell'Università 6 - 26900 Lodi 
Head: Ms. Silvia Milanesi


via Dell'Università 6 - 26900 Lodi

Faculty events

Il colore e le sue eterogenee applicazioni al centro del webinar, su Zoom, organizzato da Università Statale e Association Internationale de la Couleur, con il patrocinio di Politecnico di Milano e Associazione Italiana Colore. Un’esplorazione a 360° con esperti di differenti aree disciplinari che spazieranno dal beauty al cinema, dalla fisiologia alle terapie olistiche, dal design alla rigenerazione urbana, fino alle nuove formule di sicurezza in epoca Covid-19 negli ambienti antropizzati.

Digital Health e Big Data al centro dell’ottava edizione, esclusivamente online, di 4T – Tech Transfer Think Tank, incontro promosso da Jacobacci & Partners, in collaborazione con l'Università Statale di Milano. Imprese, università, centri di ricerca e mondo finanziario insieme per analizzare scenari ed effetti del trasferimento tecnologico nella salute digitale.