Exercise and Sport Sciences

Doctoral programme (PhD)
A.Y. 2021/2022
Study area
Medicine and Healthcare
Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports Youth and Tourism, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - sede di Milano
Doctoral programme (PhD)
Scienze biomediche per la salute
The interuniversity doctoral research programme in Exercise and Sport Sciences is activated at the University of Milan and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in collaboration with the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth & Tourism, for academic year 2021/2022 (37th cycle). The PhD program aims to develop a solid research training in the field of Exercise, Sport and Health Sciences, through the development of knowledge and methodologies in the following areas: sport as a complex social phenomenon, élite sport (sport performance), sport for all / health. The PhD program, within a transdisciplinary and international perspective, also intends to promote collaborations and synergies on current projects with national and international research groups and organizations that operate through innovative methodologies in the field of physical exercise, sport and health. The international vocation of the PhD is expressed in the involvement of foreign universities and the development of an international training network at a doctoral level providing opportunities for students' exchange and mobility.
Our aim is to increase knowledge, skills and experience in sport, exercise and health sciences through internationally excellent research in the themes of performance, adapted physical activity, sports and exercise psychology and pedagogy.
The main education goal consists in providing students with the essential knowledge and skills to reach high quality research activities required in the academic and private-public research context.
Students will be trained at planning and accomplishing original projects inspired by the principles of the hypothesis-driven and evidence-based research, grounding teaching, and of the Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.
Tutte le classi di laurea - All classes of master's degree
Scienze biomediche per la salute
Title Professor(s)
Electromyographic activity of the prime movers in different exercises used in strength training
Analysis of the external load in team sports
Study of the problems and changes related to physical activity and sport of aspects related to energy metabolism, sports performance, and morpho-functional changes in sports
Study of the problems and modifications related to physical activity of the aspects inherent to neuromuscular activation and muscle contraction
Physical activity protocol to counteract the effects of sarcopenia in older people
Bioenergetic and gait variability of human locomotion (walking, nordic walking, race-walking, running, pedaling)
Magnitude and aetiology of neuromuscular fatigue by studying the changes both in the corticospinal and in the muscle excitability and with an integrative approach
Effects of a structured program of physical activity on metabolic parameters, activity levels and sleep quality in patients with different pathologies
Effects of chronotype, circadian rythms, and sleep quality on physical and sport performance
Physical performance in patients with chronic cardiac pathologies: from evaluation to physical training
The proactive office UP150: a workplace promoting employee health and wellbeing through physical exercise
Technologies and analytical methods for functional and performance assessment in football
The use of adaptive speed technology on treadmills: from assessment to high-intensity interval training protocols
Business Model innovation in sport clubs and industry
Fabio Antoldi
Managerial competences and management systems for the sport industry
Fabio Antoldi
Caterina Gozzoli
Talent development
Chiara D'Angelo
Caterina Gozzoli
Relationship between motor system and language and memory processes
Claudia Repetto
Social media and Sport’s Communication.
Nicoletta Vittadini
Phisical Activity and ageing.
Francesco Casolo
Sport for social development/inclusion
Daniela Marzana
Chiara D'Angelo
Caterina Gozzoli
Cora Burnett
Ricardo Sanchéz
The role of the sports coach: new skills and training evaluation.
Caterina Gozzoli
Chiara D'Angelo
Sport and Civic mindedness
Pierpaolo Triani
Study of novel molecular players impinging on brain health and neurocognitive function during physical activity
Daniela Tavian


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