Completing your doctoral studies

The final stage of the doctoral programme is the submission of a final dissertation.

The supervisor can opt to verify the originality of the student’s research, both in the preliminary and final versions of their thesis, using the plagiarism checking software, as described at the page Servizio di verifica originalità tesi di Laurea e Dottorato.

The thesis is evaluated by a minimum of two external examiners who can decide whether to recommend that the student be admitted to debate his/her work publicly, or that he/she revise and resubmit it if, in their opinion, the thesis requires additional work or correction.

Notice - Extensions of PhD programmes for cycles XXXIV-XXXVI (and XXXIII for System Medicine only)

Pursuant to Art. 33(2) of Legislative Decree 41/2021 ("Decreto sostegni"), as converted into Law 69/2021, PhD students of cycles XXXIV-XXXVI (and XXXIII for System Medicine only) may apply for an extension of their programme of up to three months, and receive the scholarship for the corresponding period.

Moreover, the Academic Senate of this University has expressed a favourable opinion regarding the possibility of a further three-month extension for the submission of doctoral theses, with no scholarship.

Application deadlines and procedures will be notified to the student's University email.

Cycle 34 began on 1 October 2018 and will end on 30 September 2021.


  • The programme end date is automatically deferred in the event of suspensions authorised by the Academic Board or late enrolment (when enrolment occurred after 1 November 2018), for the period corresponding to the suspension or late enrolment.

  • The programme extension, not exceeding 3 months, will be granted upon request, pursuant to Law no. 69 of 21 May 2021 (applications to be submitted by 3 September 2021) and, for any requests for a further three-month unpaid extension, pursuant to the resolutions of the Academic Senate (applications to be submitted by 15 October 2021).

14 September – 30 September

PhD students must submit their thesis to the Academic Board according to the procedures set out.

Students who requested the extension must submit their thesis at the end of the established period.

The Academic Board sends the theses – accompanied by a report on the research activity carried out – to highly qualified external professors who, after assessing them, return them to the students with a recommendation that the students be admitted to debate their work publicly, or that they revise and resubmit it within a maximum of six months.

14 September - 30 October

Only those students who have been granted permission by the Academic Board can apply online for admission to the final exam, without having to hand any documents in to the PhD Students Office:

  • Select ‘ammissione’ (admission) in the field that asks for the type of application to be entered
  • Pay the diploma fee of €116 Euros (including the €16 revenue stamp) with Pago PA

Students who requested the extension must apply online at the end of the established period, upon approval by the Academic Board.

Prior to the discussion of their thesis, students must send a copy of the thesis in electronic format, accompanied by an abstract in Italian and in English, to the members of the exam board as soon as they know the exam board members’ names.

Students can find out the names of the members of the exam boards by consulting the webpage “Exam Boards and Exam Dates” or by contacting the PhD Coordinator,

Before sitting the examination, students must:

  1. Upload their thesis on AIR.
  2. Print the declaration for the automatic filing of doctoral theses, fill in and sign the declaration and upload it, together with a copy of an identity document, by using the following link:
  3. Complete the AlmaLaurea questionnaire


The uploading service onto AIR is available 24 hours after making the online application.

Forms for final examinations

Facsimile of frontispiece

Shows the essential information that must be included on the thesis frontispiece. The graphic layout is the student’s choice.

Authorisation to consult the thesis

Form to use only if the final exam was sat before October 2010.

Information and contact details

For more information, please contact the PhD Students Helpdesk at the Students Administration Office:

  • online, through Servizio InformaStudenti – Students Information Service
  • in person, by booking an appointment through Servizio Informastudenti.
  • By telephone on +39 02 5032 5032. This number is active for both national and international calls. You will be charged for calling a fixed line, depending on your phone plan. 

Call-center hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm.