Mind, brain and reasoning

Doctoral programme (PhD)
A.Y. 2021/2022
Study area
Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
Doctoral programme (PhD)
Dipartimento di Filosofia Piero Martinetti - Via Festa del Perdono 7 - 20122 Milano
PhD Coordinator
Over the past decade, the University of Milan has developed expertise and produced high-level research across philosophy, logic and cognitive science. Since innovative research requires the integration of interdisciplinary skills, this new PhD programme will offer training in analytical philosophy and epistemology combined with theoretical reflection and experimental practice. The programme is aimed at young researchers who intend to study the foundations of human cognition using a multidisciplinary approach.
Tutte le lauree magistrali - All classes of master's degree
Dipartimento di Filosofia Piero Martinetti - Via Festa del Perdono 7 - 20122 Milano
Title Professor(s)
Consciousness; Sleep; Neural Stimulation and Complexity.
C. Hoerl
G. Tononi
Motor System; Brain Plasticity; Neuromodulation; Language.
Social Cognition; Cooperation and Coordination; Joint Action.
S. Butterfill
F. Hindriks
R. Moore
Individual Decisions; Social and Group Decisions; Values.
A. Gorini
Metaphysics; Scientific and Folk Ontologies.
F. Hindriks
C. Hoerl
M. Nathan
J. Tallant
Perception; Categorisation; Creativity; Language.
G. Tononi
Logic for Practical Reasoning; Philosophical Logic.
Computation; Probability; Logic for Artificial Intelligence.
S. Modgil
A. Zamansky


Places available: 4

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Application for admission: from 28/05/2021 to 28/06/2021

Application for matriculation: from 26/07/2021 to 30/07/2021

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