Requirements and exam syllabus

Graduates in Dentistry (LM-46) are entitled to sit the exam to qualify to practice the profession of Dentist.

Via Celoria 18

Access from via Celoria, 18.

Deadlines and exams calendar 2019

There are two exams sessions held each year:

When does registration open
14 May 2019
Application deadline
23 May 2019
Exams calendar
13 June 2019
Apertura iscrizioni
9 ottobre 2019
Chiusura iscrizioni
18 ottobre 2019
Appello d'esame
14 novembre 2019
Enrolling for the exam

Candidates wishing to sit the State Board Exam must submit an enrolment application to the State Board Exams office by the deadlines stated above. 

Fees and payments

The following payments are required to sit the State Board Exam:

  • € 49.58 – Postal current account No. 1016 – Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate).
  • € 400.00 - Postal current account No. 453274 – University of Milan.

Required documents

  • Admission application.
  • Photocopy and original (for inspection) of the payment slip for € 49.58 – Postal current account No. 1016 – Revenue Agency.
  • Photocopy and original (for inspection) of the payment slip for € 400.00 - Postal current account No. 453274 – University of Milan.
  • If another person has been entrusted to deliver the application, a signed letter granting authorisation and a photocopy of the front and back of the identity document belonging to the person delegating responsibility for delivery.
  • Graduates sitting the exam at a venue other than the University of Milan must also present a degree self-certification.
  • Candidates who are due to graduate after the deadline for submitting the application, but before the exams start date, must enrol by the dates specified, attaching a declaration stating that they have submitted their graduation application.
Via Celoria 18

Access from via Celoria, 18.

The application must be delivered to the State Board Exams Office, together with the documents to be attached.

Absent candidates

Candidates who have enrolled for the first exam session but are absent on exam day may submit a new application for the second session by the stated deadline. Any documentation previously submitted and any payments already made will be valid for the new application (with the exception of any balances still owing).

Examining Committees, exams calendar and exam results
Exams calendar

The exams will be held from 11 a.m. on 13 June 2019 at the Clinica Odontoiatrica (Dental Clinic) – Via Beldiletto, 1 – Milan.

Please refer to the document to see the full calendar.

Examining Committee

Chairman:  Prof. Antonio CARRASSI

Prof. Eugenio BRAMBILLA
Prof. Francesco SPADARI
Prof. Carlo MAIORANA
Prof. Giovanni FELISATI


Le prove si svolgeranno presso  AULA MISAFERRO -  Clinica Odontoiatrica – Via Beldiletto 1 – Milano.


Presidente: Prof. Antonio CARRASSI

Prof. Eugenio BRAMBILLA


Prof. Francesco SPADARI

Prof. Giovanni LODI

Prof. Andrea SARDELLA

Prof.ssa Giovanna GARATTINI

Dott. Andrea NICALI

Dott. Dario MAJ

Dott. Andrea Senna