Fees, scholarships and opportunities

To facilitate international student enrolment, the University of Milan has provided for:

  • a specific fee system for foreign students whose family unit resides and produces income abroad;
  • access to all scholarships and benefits available to Italian students
  • dedicated scholarships, available only to international students.  



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University fees for students having income and assets abroad

University fees are paid in two instalments: 1) a fixed amount, and 2) a variable amount.

  • Foreign students whose family unit resides and produces income abroad will pay a first instalment of €156, like other students, and a second instalment based on their income bracket in their country of citizenship.
  • Italian students residing abroad and having income / assets produced abroad will pay fees based on their country of residence. 
  • Students who have been granted political refugee status will pay minimum fees.

ISEE certification is only required if they have income or assets in Italy.


Degree programme fees

View first- and second-instalment fees, merit-based and international student benefits.

Scholarships and benefits

International students can access all available scholarships and benefits according to the same procedures and conditions provided for Italian students.

Opportunities available to foreign students only

  • Excellence scholarships: For academic year 2021/2022, 153 incentives are provided to the best international students admitted to a Master's degree programme
  • Every year, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes scholarships available to foreign students only. For information, please visit the Ministry website. Holders of ministerial scholarships who enrol at the University of Milan are exempted from enrolment and university fees.

Scholarships, bonuses and benefits

Scholarships and other financial benefits for students