International programmes

Scholarships enabling graduates to continue academic activity abroad: to teach, do research and attend courses.

AXA Research Fund

AXA Insurance offers two-year post-graduate scholarships for innovative research in health, information technology, climate, environment and economics.

Fulbright scholarships of the Commission for Cultural Exchange between Italy and USA

The Fulbright Commission promotes academic exchange between Italy and the USA, offering citizens of both countries scholarships for study, post-graduate specialisations, research periods and teaching periods at universities.

Galileo Programme Italo-French University

Galileo is a scientific cooperation programme between Italy and France established by the Italian Ministry for Education and the French Ministries for Foreign and European Affairs and for Higher Education and Research.

The aim of the programme is to develop high-level scientific cooperation between research centres and laboratories of the two countries on common projects, favouring research exchange between young groups and/or on new topics.

The programme is aimed at research groups and scholars working in university institutions and/or French and Italian research centres.


Vinci programme of the Italo-French University

Vinci is a programme aimed at sustaining and co-financing joint university education initiatives since establishment of the Italo-French University (UIF) by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education of the two countries in order to promote collaboration projects between Italian and French institutions in the field of university education and scientific research. The aim of the Vinci programme is to favour integration of the university education systems of Italy and France, towards a harmonisation of university education in Europe.

Since 2001, the Vinci programme has been published annually and has concerned:

  • support for binational university programmes

  • mobility support for joint supervision doctoral theses

  • doctoral contracts for joint supervision doctoral theses (only on the French side)

Since 2011, the Vinci programme has also concerned:

  • co-funding for research fellowships (only on the Italian side)

  • collaborations between postgraduate schools

Italo-German University

The German academic exchange service (DAAD) proposes various possibilities for:

  • Short research fellowships

  • Research periods for lecturers and researchers

  • DLR-DAAD research fellowships

  • Study trips