Erasmus+ Agricultural and Food Sciences

Information meetings

General information meeting 
(for Veterinary Medicine,Agricultural and Food Sciences, Pharmacy, Exercise and Sports Sciences, Science and Technology)

30 January 2020 from 2:30 pm - Room G14, Settore didattico, via Golgi, 19

Degree programme meeting

Scienze e Tecnologie Agrarie specific meeting
5 February 2020 at 2:00pm - Aula Maggiore, Facoltà di Agraria, via Celoria, 2

Scienze e Tecnologie Alimentari  specific meeting
6 February 2020 at 2:00pm - Aula Maggiore, Facoltà di Agraria, via Celoria, 2

Location, requirements and contacts 2020-21
  • Environmental and food economics (master's degree programme)


Prof. Marcella Guarino
Tel. 02.503 17928

  • Biotechnology (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Plant, food and agro-environmental biotechnologies (master's degree programme)
  • Biotechnology for the Bioeconomy  (master's degree programme)
  • Food systems (doctoral research PhD programme)


Dott. Alessio Scarafoni
tel. 02.503 16820

  • Agricultural Sciences and Technologies (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Improvement and Protection of Mountain Environments (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Agricultural Technology for the Environment (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Management of Cultivated Plants and Landscaping (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Agricultural Sciences (master's degree programme)
  • Agro-environmental Sciences (master's degree programme)
  • Crops and Plant Sciences (master's degree programme)
  • Agriculture, environment and bioenergy (doctoral research PhD programme)


Prof. Pietro Parma
Tel. 02.503 16454

  • Food science and technology (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Viticulture and Enology (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Food Service Science and Management (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Food science and technology (master's degree programme)
  • Human Nutrition and Food Science (master's degree programme)
  • Food systems (doctoral research PhD programme)


Prof. Vera Lavelli
Tel. 02503 19172