Erasmus+ Science and Technology

General Informative Meetings
  • Biotechnology _ Bio-Industrial curriculum (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (Master’s degree)
  • Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics (Master’s degree)
  • Quantitative Biology (Master’s degree)


Prof. Gregis Veronica
tel. 02.503 15014

[email protected]

  • Chemistry (Bachelor’s degree)

  • Industrial Chemistry (Bachelor’s degree)

  • Chemistry (Master’s degree)

  • Industrial and Management Chemistry (Master’s degree)

  • Industrial Chemistry (Master’s degree)


Prof. Emma Gallo
tel. 02.50314374
[email protected]

  • Physics (Bachelor's degree)
  • Physics (Master's degree)


Prof. Nicola Piovella
tel. 02.503 17266
[email protected][email protected]

  • Geological Sciences (Bachelor’s degree)

  • Science and Technology for Studying and Preserving the Cultural Heritage and Information Storage Media (Bachelor’s degree)

  • Geology: processes, resources and applications (Master’s degree)

  • Earth Sciences (Master’s degree)

  • Science and Technology for the Diagnosis and Preservation of Cultural Heritage (Master’s degree)

  • Geophysics (Master's degree)


Prof. Marilena Moroni
tel. 02.50315619
[email protected]

  • Computer Science (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Digital communication (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Computer Systems and Networks Security (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Music Information Science (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Computer Science for New Media Communications (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Computer Science (Master’s degree)
  • Computer Science for Communication (Master’s degree)
  • Informatics Security (Master’s degree)
  • Data Science and Economics (Master’s degree)


Prof. Vincenzo Piuri (for academic matters)
[email protected]

Prof. Davide Rocchesso (department's deputy to Internationalization)
[email protected]

  • Mathematics (Bachelor's degree)
  • Mathematics (Master's degree)


Prof. Giuseppe Gaeta
tel. 02.50316124
[email protected]

  • Biological Sciences (Bachelor’s degree)

  • Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (Master’s degree)

  • Biology Applied to Research in Biomedicine (Master’s degree)

  • Applied Biology in Nutritional Sciences (Master’s degree)

  • Molecular Biology of the Cell (Master’s degree)


Prof. Maria Cristina Bonza
tel. 02.503 14820
[email protected]

  • Natural Sciences (Bachelor's degree)
  • Biogeosciences: Analysis of Ecosystem and Science Communication (Master's degree)

Academic Coordinator

Prof. Silvia Caccia
tel. 02.503 14746
[email protected]