Erasmus+ Pharmacy

Locations, requirements, contacts
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (single cycle)
  • Pharmacy (single cycle)
  • Herbal Sciences and Technologies (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Biotechnology – pharmacy curriculum (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Chemical safety and Toxicological Environmental Sciences (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Master’s degree)
  • Safety assessment of xenobiotics and biotechnological products (Master’s degree)


Prof.ssa Stefania Ceruti

Erasmus contacts for each degree:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
Prof. Alessandra Romanelli
Prof. Lucia Tamborini

Prof. Stefania Ceruti

Herbal Sciences and Technologies
Prof. Lammi Carmen; Prof.ssa Romanelli Alessandra

Chemical safety and Toxicological Environmental Sciences
Prof. Chiara Maria Di Lorenzo, Prof.ssa Monica Gomaraschi

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Prof. Anna Cariboni

Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and Biotechnological Products
Prof. Anna Cariboni; Prof.ssa Ceruti Stefania Maria

Biotechnology – pharmacy curriculum
Prof. Alessio Scarafoni; Prof. Fabio Forlani

Cosmetic Industrial Science
Prof. Antonella Casiraghi

Informative Meetings