Erasmus+ Pharmacy

Information meetings

General information meeting 
(for Veterinary Medicine,Agricultural and Food Sciences, Pharmacy, Exercise and Sports Sciences, Science and Technology)

30 January 2020 from 2:30 pm - Room G14, Settore didattico, via Golgi, 19

Locations. requirements, contacts 2020-21
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (single cycle degree programme)
  • Pharmacy (single cycle degree programme)
  • Herbal Sciences and Technologies (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Biotechnology (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Chemical safety and Toxicological Environmental Sciences (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (master's degree programme)
  • Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and Biotechnological Products (master's degree programme)
  • Scienze Farmaceutiche (dottorato di ricerca) Pharmaceutical Sciences (Phd doctoral research programme)
  • Pharmacological Biomolecular Sciences, Experimental and Clinical (Phd doctoral research programme)
  • Hospital Pharmacy (postgraduate school)


Prof. Francesca Clerici

Erasmus contacts for degree courses:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
Prof. Francesca Clerici

Prof. Alessandra Polissi

Herbal Sciences and Technologies
Prof. Giangiacomo Beretta

Chemical safety and Toxicological Environmental Sciences
Prof. Patrizia Restani

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Prof. Alessandra Polissi

Students on the move for Hospital Pharmacy training may propose a Learning Agreement for a maximum of 4 months of internship with the recognition of 20 ECTS credits. The credits acquired will be recorded on the student's study certificate upon presentation, by the student to the Faculty Erasmus coordinator, of the document received from the foreign University attesting to the regularity of the research activity.

The Erasmus coordinator, before registering, will verify the correctness of the performance of the aforementioned activities with the tutor of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


The internship in the Hospital Pharmacy, contrary to what is reported in the annex to the Erasmus+ Call 2018-2019, is only possible in the two locations of:

  • Universidad de Valencia
  • Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona.