Erasmus+ Humanities

Call 2021-22

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Erasmus desk
Via Santa Sofia, 9/1

Opening hours
only by appointment: InformaStudenti
Wednesday 9:30am - noon
Tuesday and Thursday 2:00pm - 3:00pm

General Informative Meetings



  • Science of Cultural Property (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Archaeology (master's degree programme)
  • Music, Theatre and Film (master's degree programme)
  • History and Criticism of Art (master's degree programme)
  • Literature, Arts and Environmental Heritage (Phd doctoral research programme).


Prof. Claudio Toscani
tel: 02503 32063

  • Philosophy (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Philosophical Sciences (master's degree programme)
  • Philosophy and Human Sciences (Phd doctoral research programme)

Erasmus webpage of Philosophy Department


Prof. Andrea Borghini

  • Humanities (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Modern Humanities (master's degree programme)
  • Philology, Literature and History of Antiquity (master's degree programme)
  • Philology, Literature and Classical Tradition (Phd doctoral research programme)
  • Antiquities (Phd doctoral research programme)


Prof. Martino Marazzi
tel. 02.503 12814

  • Foreign Languages and Literature (bachelor's degree programme)
  • European and extraeuropean languages and literatures (master's degree programme)
  • Linguistic, Literary and intercultural Studies in European and Extra-European Perspectives (Phd doctoral research programme)


Prof. Paola Loreto
tel: 02.50313589

Prof. Luciana Pedrazzini

Dott.ssa Sara Sullam

Moira Paleari, PhD

Iberistica (Spain)
Prof.ssa Maria Rosso -
Prof. Danilo Manera -

Iberistica (Portugal)
Prof. Elisa Alberani

Prof. Barbara Ferrari

Slavistica (Russia, Ukraine)
Prof. Raffaella Vassena

Slavistica (Poland)
Prof. Grzegorz Franczak

Camilla Storskog, PhD

  • Human Science of Environment, Landscape and Territory (Bachelor’s degree programme)
  • Human Science of Environment, Landscape and Territory (inter-university degree) (Bachelor’s degree programme)
  • Science and Cultures of Environment, Landscape and Territory  (Master’s degree programme)
  • Culture and Communication of the Environment and Landscape (Master’s degree programme)
  • Cultural enhancement of the territory and landscape (inter-university degree) (Master’s degree programme).


Prof.Dal Borgo Alice Giulia

02503 12845

  • Liberal Studies in Communication (Bachelor’s degree programme),
  • Publishing and Communication, Fashion Cultures (Master’s degree programme)
  • Historical Studies (PhD)


Prof. Davide Cadeddu
tel. 02.50312484

  • History (bachelor's degree programme)
  • Historical Studies (master's degree programme)
  • History, Culture and Theories of Society and Institutions (PhD)


Prof.ssa Michela Minesso
tel. 02.503 18930