Erasmus+ Political, Economical and Social Sciences

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Read the list of venues, specific requirements, the calendar of information meetings, contacts and teaching activities for the Political, Economic and Social Sciences courses, divided into disciplinary areas.

Informative meetings
  • Economics and Management (Bachelor’s degree programme) EMA

  • Public Sector and Healthcare Management (Bachelor’s degree programme) MAPS

  • Data Science and Economics (Master’s degree programme) DSE

  • Economics and finance (Master’s degree programme) MEF

  • Finance and economics (Master’s degree programme) MEF

  • Economics and political science (Master’s degree programme) EPS

  • Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Master’s degree programme) MIE

Erasmus desk for students: EMA, MAPS, DSE, EPS, MEF, MIE

Carolina Amicarelli
Room 2-31, second floor – Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods (DEMM)

Opening hours: 

Monday 9am - noon and 2pm - 4pm; by appointment from Tuesday to Friday
Tel. 02 503 21522

Erasmus contacts by degree programme

EMA: prof. Angela Nuovo -

EPS: prof. Giovanna D'Adda -

DSE: prof. Fabrizio Iacone -

MEF: prof. Alessandro Barbiero -

MAP-MAPS: prof. Franca Maino -

MII-MIE - prof. Maria Laura Toraldo -

Bachelor’s degree Programmes:

  • Political Sciences SPO
  • Communication and Society CES
  • Social Sciences for Globalisation GLO
  • Labour and Management LAM/MOL

Master’s degree Programmes:

  • Public and Corporate Communication COM
  • Administration and Public Policy APP
  • Management of human resources and labour studies MLS
  • Management of human resources MHR
  • Global Politics and Society GPS
  • Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (PPPA)

Doctoral Programmes:

  • Sociology and methodology of social research SOMET
  • Economic sociology and labour studies ESLS
  • Political Studies POLS


Erasmus contacts by degree programme

SPO - Prof.ssa Francesca De Battisti

CES - Prof. Elia Arfini

COM - Prof. Carlo Nardella

LAM/MOL-  Prof. Lisa Dorigatti 

MLS/MHR - Prof. Lisa Dorigatti 

GLO - Prof. Paola Bonizzoni

APP - Prof. Gabriele Bottino

GPS - Prof. Lisa Dorigatti

PPPA-Prof. Luca Ciabarri -

Erasmus desk

For students in SPO – CES – GLO – LAM -  APP – COM – MLS - PPPA

Cristina Ferrari:

Department of Social and Political Sciences - via Passione, 13

Opening hours: 

Tuesday: 11am - 12:30
Wednesday and Thursday: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
There is also the possibility of booking an appointment also Thursday morning from 11am.

  • International Studies and European Institutions (Bachelor’s degree programme) SIE
  • International Politics, Law and Economics (IPLE)
  • Political Science and Government (Master’s degree programme) GOV
  • International Relations (Master’s degree programme) REL
Erasmus desk for students: SIE, REL, GOV, IPLE

Marta Marchetti
First floor - Department of International, Legal, Historical and Political Studies (DILHPS)
Via Passione 13

Opening hours: 

Wednesday and Thursday from 10  to 12
Tel. +39 02 50321024