Activating an internship abroad

Internships abroad - Updates

Following the Rector's Decree of 3 March 2021, internships abroad through the COSP are allowed as follows:

  • In any scenario, if carried out remotely;
  • In person, even in a red-zone scenario, in compliance with the Covid-19 and work safety regulations in force in the destination countries, as well as with safety protocols in place at the host companies/institutions. In the case of activities in person, interns will also be required to sign a specific disclaimer.

These provisions will apply until 6 April 2021, and until further notice from the Rector.

How to activate an international internship

For curricular and extra-curricular internships at companies/institutions outside Italy (i.e. with registered office and operations abroad), follow the procedure below at least 20 days prior to the internship start date.

  1. Download the internship agreement form;
  2. Fill in the form on the computer (do not use handwriting), and sign it;
  3. If you are a student, identify your academic tutor and have the tutor letter completed and signed (even if it is not required for internships in Italy);
  4. Send an email to  at least 20 days before the internship start date, copying the contact person for internship procedures at the host company/institution (or equivalent position), with the following documents:
  • Internship agreement in pdf format, duly completed and signed;
  • Copy of your ID;
  • Tutor letter (for students only).
  1. The COSP will check the documentation and submit the internship agreement for signature to the University;
  2. Once the document has been signed, the COSP will send you a copy.

Milan University Erasmus students and international interns who need clarification on company/institution-specific requirements please contact the Internship office well in advance during telephone opening hours.