Activating an internship abroad

Update 11/05/2020
Taken into accoount the regional directives and the University indications, the following provisions remain unchanged.

COVID-19: Emergency measures

Taken into account the recent Prime Ministry Decrees and the note issued on March 12th from Regione Lombardia (available on this page), the following provisions concerning curricular and extracurricular internships are into force until further notice. Based on the aforementioned provisions, it is required of the host companies/institutions to consider whether, in compliance with the safety rules issued by health authorities, there are still conditions to carry out internship activities, taking into account that an internship is not to be considered an employment relationship, but an educational experience which takes place in a workplace environment.

The following instructions are then provided:

Available options Operations to carry out by the host company/institution
Conclude the internship, if due to the current situation there aren’t the conditions to achieve the formative objectives of the internship. The host company/institution adds the early conclusione request through the online placement services portal, adding as reason: “Impossibilità a raggiungere gli obiettivi formativi data l’attuale situazione”.
Suspend the internship just for the time being due to the current epidemiologic situation. The activities will be reprised at the end of the suspension. It will be possible to add another suspension. The host company/institution adds the suspension  request through the online placement services portal, adding as reason: “Addendum – Emergenza epidemiologica COVID-19”
If feasible and in line with the professional profile and objectives of the internship, host company/institution and intern may agree on the latter carrying out the activities from his/her home in ways similar to smart working practices, granted the continued assistance by the company tutor. The host company/institution has to fill in the form available on this page (Procedura di adozione smart working) and send it via email to The form has to be signed by both the company and the intern. As promoting institution, the internship office will then reply with its opinion on the request. For newly started curricular internships, the beginning date of the activity on the smart working form must coincide with the one on the training project.


We also inform that:

  • The internship office will not be open to the public;
  • The email reply service will be carried out as per usual, whilst it’s temporarily suspended the telephone support service;
  • Following the note issued by the Lombardy Region on April 21st (available at this page), during the emergency period it will not be possible to start new extracurricular internships;
  • It will be possible to start curricular internship only if the activities will be carried out in ways similar to smart working practices.

The stated provisions apply to internships which take place on Italian territory, in case of abroad internships students and graduates are invited to take into consideration the provisions and indications of local authorities, even for what pertain the current health situation.

How to activate an international internship

To activate curricular and extra-curricular traineeships with enterprises and organisations outside Italy (having their administrative and operational headquarters abroad) follow the procedure below at least 30 days prior to the start date of the activities.

  1. Download the internship agreement;

  2. Fill the form in (electronically) giving the details of the intern and the host organisation and provide signatures;

  3. Interns who are students need to name their tutor professor and ask them to write the tutor’s letter (not required for traineeships in Italy);

  4. The intern must send to the internship  agreement document in PDF format, together with a copy of their identity document and the tutor’s letter (if a student) at least 20 days before commencing activities;

  5. COSP checks the documentation and ensures it is signed by the legal representative;

  6. Once the document is signed, COSP sends a copy to the intern.

University of Milan Erasmus students, and interns who require clarification due to specific individual requests received from the foreign enterprises/organisations should contact the Internships Office during telephone calling hours well in advance of the internship starting.

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