Activating an internship abroad

How to activate an international internship

To set up a curricular or extracurricular internship at an institution or company abroad, please follow this process carefully, starting from at least 20 days before the expected start date.

Please note that our University sets up two types of internships:

  • Curricular internships for students on a study programme (Bachelor's, Master's, etc...), to be completed before graduation.
  • Extra-curricular internships for those who completed a study programme no more than 12 months earlier.

Please note that you can also undertake an internship abroad as follows:

  • remotely, i.e. working from home (specify whether in Italy or in the host country);
  • in person at the host institution, in compliance with local work-safety and Covid-19 regulations. In the case of activities in person, interns will also be required to sign a waiver, which can be downloaded on the side of this page.



To be done by the student

  1. Send an email to at least 20 days before the internship start date, copying the contact person for internship procedures at the host institution (or equivalent position), with the following documents as pdf files:
    1. internship agreement to be filled out in print (not by hand) with all the data required and signed by the student as well as the legal representative of the host institution;
    2. copy of the student's ID (front and back);
    3. tutor letter (for curricular internships only): the student must identify his/her tutor, as required for his/her study programme, and have the tutor letter filled in and signed (even if not required for internships in Italy);
    4. internship-abroad waiver completed and signed (for in-person internships only).
  2. Wait for written feedback from the Internship office. If the documentation is accurate, the office will send the student the internship agreement signed by the University.
  3. The internship can start only after receiving the email confirmation from the Internship office.

For information, please e-mail or phone the Internship office only. Contact details are shown on this page.

Milan University Erasmus students and international interns who need clarification on company/institution-specific requirements please contact the Internship office well in advance.

Internship office

For information

E-mail assistance:
Phone assistance (02.503.12032):

  • Tuesday: 10 am to 12 noon
  • Thursday: 10 am to 12 noon

Information desk: (currently unavailable)
Via Santa Sofia 9/1 - Milan

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