Tutors for curricular internships and ECTS credits

How to choose an academic tutor for a curricular internship

The academic tutor for curricular internships is selected by the degree programme according to the programme’s Internships Regulations, where applicable, and to the University Academic Rules and Regulations.

The tutor is responsible for providing a preliminary assessment of the suitability of the proposed internship activities and their coherence with the student’s current studies, including, where necessary, recognition of the ECTS credits in their study plan. 

The academic tutor is responsible for the approval of all curricular internships, even if ECTS credits are not relevant.  

It is extremely important that the student knows who their academic tutor is and how the tutor will approve his/her internship when the intern agrees to activate it with the organisation/company. 

    Table of disciplinary areas

      The table below shows the different disciplinary areas within the University as well as degree programmes, academic tutors, procedures for approving an internship and for recognising ECTS credits. 

      Recognition of ECTS credits (only for internships activated through COSP)
      Disciplinary Area Tutor's approval Recognition of ECTS credits CFU
      (only for internships activated through COSP)


      Through the portal

      At the end of the activities, send COSP the ECTS request form

      Political, Economic and Social Sciences

      Through the portal

      At the end of the activities, take the ECTS request form to the academic tutor 


      Through the portal

      According to the type of recognition, follow the 
      instructions provided on the Degree Programme 


      Through the portal both for professional and extraprofessional internships

      Pharmaceutical biotechnology: tutor’s letter

      For professional internships, follow the instructions 
      from the Academic Services Office / Order of 

      Science and Technology

      Depending on the programme attended, or  through the portal or tutor’s letter

      Contacting the Academic Services Office. 
      All information on the degree programmes websites. 

      Veterinary Medicine

      Through the portal  – indirect for all bachelor’s degree programmes

      Academic Services Office

      Agricutural Sciences

      "Viticulture and oenology” through the portal. All other degree programmes relating to the Faculty, with the tutor’s letter

      Tutor and Academic Services Office 

      Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication

      Through the portal

      Tutor and Student Registrar

      Exercise and Sport Sciences

      Through the portal

      At the end of the activities, ask the academic tutor to 
      sign and send to Academic Services Office the ECTS request form.

      Medicine and Surgery

      Usually by letter, save for exceptions

      Not envisaged: COSP activates extra internships, 
      plan of study and volunteering that do not relate to 
      compulsory academic/training activities envisaged in
      the Programme Structure


      When the organisation/company enters the training programme on the placement portal, the name of the academic tutor or a list from which the student can select a tutor, appears in the field “academic tutor”. 

      Once the training programme has been entered, an email is automatically sent to the tutor with a request for approval. 

      The tutor approves or highlights any corrections that need to be made. 

      Applies only to internships

      1. for theses for Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology and Pharmacy
      2. for bachelor’s degrees in Veterinary Medicine.


      1. Enters the training programme
      2. A predefined entry (e.g. Traineeships Office, Academic Services Office, etc.) appears in the academic tutor field
      3. Adds the name of the academic tutor to the description entered in the field "internship activities”.  


      1. Amends the tutor field
      2. Forwards the programme to the named tutor for approval. 

      When the organisation/company enters the training programme, a predefined entry (e.g. Traineeships Office, Academic Services Office,  etc.) appears in the academic tutor field.

      The student

      1. Downloads the tutor’s letter (with the exception of Agricultural Sciences students who must use a specific form)
      2. Asks their academic tutor to sign the letter
      3. Delivers the letter to the organisation/company.

      The organisation/company

      Uploads the letter on the portal along with the training programme in order to activate the internship. 


      Gives its approval through the portal.

      Students who want their study plan to recognise: 

      • an internship activated through a sending institution other than the University
      • volunteering activities
      • civil service
      • work activities

      must check their degree programme (by contacting the Academic Services Office) to see the procedures for obtaining recognition of these activities, and must not activate an internship.

      COSP does not deal with this type of recognition procedures.