LERU – Traineeships Stream Programme

The University of Milan, a member of the LERU (League of European Research Universities) network, participates in the STREAM (STudent REseArch Mobility) project, a programme that allows undergraduates and final year students to undertake research traineeships and internships in LERU universities that subscribe to the project.

The universities listed below are participants in the Stream project:

Traineeships involve periods of stay abroad lasting from 1 to 6 months.


Information and appointments:

Contact Center-InformaStudenti

For partner universities:



Who can apply

The following students can participate in the Stream programme:

  • students who have a compulsory, optional or extra-curricular traineeship in their study plan;
  • students enrolled in the third year of Bachelor's degree programmes;
  • students enrolled in single-cycle degree programmes;
  • students enrolled in Master's degree programmes.

A B2 level in English is required for admission. Candidates may obtain a certificate through SLAM. For project-specific requirements and deadlines, visit the websites of partner universities.

How to apply

After viewing the project on the website of the host university, submit your application to the International Mobility Office of the University of Milan, which manages the selection process and paperwork, through the Contact Center - Informastudenti service. Applications must be submitted at least two months before the expected start date of traineeship activities. You can apply for one project only.

To apply, you need to send the following documentation:

  • Stream Application Form;
  • CV and motivation letter;
  • English language certificate (at least B2 level);
  • Transcript of records;
  • Reference letter.

The office will send the applications that meet the requirements to the host university and notify the student of the outcome.

You can choose blended mobility, i.e. combine physical and virtual mobility, where allowed by the host University for the chosen project.

Selected students who opt out of the project are required to notify our office within 5 days of receipt of the selection outcome.


Mobility grant

Selected students will receive a monthly grant according to the criteria shown in the table below. Selected students who stay abroad shorter than agreed will be required to return the amount corresponding to the period not actually spent abroad. In the case of blended mobility, only the periods spent abroad will be covered by the grant.



Leiden University (Netherlands)

€ 450

Universitè de Paris - Saclay (France)

€ 450

Università di Ginevra (Switzerland)

€ 500

Lund University (Sweden)

€ 500

Utrecht University (Netherlands)

€ 450

University of Zurich (Switzerland)

€ 500

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (Germany)

€ 450

Upon return

Within 30 days from their return to Italy, students must send the following to the International Mobility Office, through the Informastudenti service:

  1. Certificate of stay completed and signed by the host University representative;
  2. A report by the student  on the activities carried out;
  3. A report by the Tutor of the host University.
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