Part-time enrolment

Part-time enrolment aims to offer students with special personal circumstances the opportunity to pursue their university studies on a part-time basis, for work, family or health reasons which make it difficult for them to attend courses and sit exams on a regular basis.

Part-time enrolment allows students to extend the length of their study programme, and consequently, benefit from a reduction in the total fees.

Students enrolled on bachelor’s, master’s and single cycle degree programmes can enrol for part-time study, but not those enrolled on postgraduate programmes (Vocational Master’s, Advanced courses, doctoral programmes and those studying at postgraduate schools).

A partire dalle iscrizioni a tempo parziale dell'anno accademico 2020/2021, si applicano le disposizioni di cui al Regolamento studenti - appendice 3.

Part-time enrolment is permitted under the following circumstances only:  

  • Work
    Non-casual, documented work (employed, self-employed or professional), for a minimum of six months per year, that earns an income of no less than € 2,840.51 (the minimum required not to be considered as dependent on someone else for the purposes of IRPEF – personal income tax).

  • Caring for a family member
    Regular caregiving for a dependent family member/s, certified with a disability certificate issued by the ASL (Local Health Authority).

  • Personal health problems or disability
    Health problems or disabilities, certified by ASL, that prevent them from carrying on a regular full-time study schedule. Students with specific learning disorders (Law No. 170/2010) must produce a certificate by the SSN, the Italian National Health Service  (accredited institutions and specialists), issued no more than three years prior to their application for part-time enrolment.

  • Childcare and pregnancy
    Part-time enrolment can only be requested by one of the parents of children aged 5 and under. Pregnant students can apply for part-time enrolment from the eight month of pregnancy onwards, or when the pregnancy is considered to be at risk, as certified by a specialist doctor.

  • Sporting or artistic activities
    Students who play sports at a high level (national or international), as certified by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) or by the relevant sports federation, or who carry out artistic activity at a professional (certified) level, are entitled to request part-time enrolment.

Part-time enrolment must be applied for online through online service, between 16 September and 21 October 2019.

The application can be submitted until 6 March 2020 by students enrolled in the first year of master's degree programmes, including those registered before 1 January 2019, who can apply for part-time enrolment beyond the second-instalment payment deadline, but will incur a late payment fee. Students applying for part-time enrolment after the second instalment bill has been issued cannot benefit from an instalment plan. If they have already applied for an instalment plan, their application will be automatically cancelled

Students must fill in the online application form giving all the required details, and upload any documents that confirm they meet the necessary requirements.
Part-time student status starts in the year the request is granted and cannot be changed during the year.

Part-time enrolment remains effective for subsequent years unless the student withdraws from part-time study by submitting a specific withdrawal request through the Infostudents service by the deadline for re-enrolment onto the next academic year.

If, after the first year, the part-time student wishes to graduate earlier than the time period stated in the Regulations, they may – after obtaining authorisation from the appropriate board – ask to return to full-time study. The acceptance of the request entails the regularisation of academic fees on the basis of the amount due as full time student.

Course of study

For any question regarding exams and possible personalization of the course of study it is necessary to refer to the Program description of the degree programme or to the students secretariat of the degree program.

Working student

During the part-time enrolment online application enter only dates included in calendar year 2019. For permanent contracts enter 01/01/2019 as starting date and 31/12/2019 as ending date (the procedure consent only dates referred to calendar year 2019). 

In the field income enter a projection of the gross income of year 2019. 

For applications submitted for the first time for Academic Year 2019/2020 the assessment will take place in November and December 2019. The responsible office will contact the student only if further documentation is needed and in unsuccesfull cases with a written communication.  

For students already enrolled part-time for Academic year 2018/2019 the renewal is automatic before the issuing of the second instalment, with consequent update of the administrative position, year of the degree programme, part-time student status and second instalment amendment on the basis of the percentage for the Academic Year 2019/2020. 

With part-time enrolment, the length of studies cannot exceed twice the standard duration of the study programme.

Depending on the degree programme, students can choose one of the following options:

  • Bachelor’s degree programme (full-time duration: 3 years)
    • completion in 6 years
    • completion in 4 years
  • Master’s degree programme (full-time duration: 2 years)
    • completion in 4 years
    • completion in 3 years
  • Single cycle degree programme (full-time duration: 5/6 years)
    • completion in 7 years

Part-time enrolment is only possible in the first two years of single cycle master’s degree programmes in Medicine and Surgery, Dental Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. For other degree programmes, part-time enrolment is only possible as long as the regulations or Academic Boards do not deem it to be incompatible with the course of study.

Students who are enrolling for part-time study for the first time are enrolled onto the first year of a programme, even if they have previous university studies: this is to allow them to complete the programme within the maximum number of years.

Requests to change to part-time study from students enrolled on years subsequent to the first are evaluated taking into consideration the compatibility between part-time enrolment and the number of years of active study on the degree programme and system they are currently enrolled on.

Part-time students are entitled to an amendment on the second instalment, based on the duration of the course of study as follows:

  • 50%, if the student chooses to take twice as long as the standard duration of the degree programme
  • 25%, if the student chooses to take less than twice as long as the standard duration of the degree programme.

Return to full-time enrolment is retroactive, and the student must, therefore, pay any unpaid sums calculated on the basis of the ratio between the number of years of part-time enrolment and the standard duration of the course.

Students who change from full-time to part-time enrolment are not entitled to a reimbursement of any fees and dues paid.