Reimbursement of tuition and fees

Reimbursable tuition and fees

Students can only request reimbursement of tuition and fees paid relating to the current academic year. Fees and dues relating to previous academic years are not reimbursable.

Students that, despite having renewed the enrolment for the current academic year, graduated within the third session of the previous academic year, may request the reimbursement of the first instalment presenting the Request of Reimboursement of Tuition and Fees within 30 days of graduation, following the instructions indicated below.

The first instalment is not reimbursed to students who transfer to another university or withdraw to enrol in another university, unless they withdraw to enrol on a capped programme (after moving up in the ranking).

Students who transfer to Unimi form another University in Lombardy must pay the first instalment during the enrolment online procedure and then ask for reimbursement if the fee had already been paid in the previous University. Students who transfer from Unimi to another University in Lombardy must request the reimboursement to the second University.

Students in receipt of a DSU study grant in the current academic year are not eligible for reimbursement of the first instalment.

Attention, the following tuition and fees cannot be reimbursed:

  • those relating to academic years prior to the current a.y.;
  • the fee for admission to degree programmes and postgraduate degree programmes;
  • the fee for enrolling on single degree courses;
  • the transfer fee (for transfers within the University of Milan, to a different University or from other Universities);
  • the fee for enrolling on a second degree programme and for the recognition of qualifications awarded abroad.
Method of reimbursement

To obtain reimbursements, student must send online the dedicated form through the InformaStudenti service attaching the receipt of the payment, or present it to the front office of the Student Registrar of their faculty, booking an appointment through InformaStudenti.

An administration fee of € 10.00, a bank fee of € 2,50 and a stamp fee of € 2 (only for amounts of 77,47 euros or more) are applicable for all types of reimbursements.