Fees and how to pay them

The new tuition fee system

As of the 2020/21 academic year, the tuition fee system of the University of Milan becomes simpler, fairer and more progressive, with:

  • A lower income threshold for the no-fee area (ISEE Università of € 20,000) 
  • Up to € 450 off the second instalment, for students with an ISEE lower than € 75,000 
  • A merit discount regardless of income
  • A reduction of Medicine tuition fees, historically more expensive, to the same level as other science programmes.

This is the result of an all-out effort by the Board of Directors, which was shared with the representatives of all the student lists in the academic bodies.

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University tuition: fees and payment procedures, reductions and exemptions, ISEE certification, reimbursements and loans.

What is the Indicator of Economic Situation certificate: details on how and when to request it. 

An opportunity to pursue university studies on a part-time basis, and being in track with exams - for work, family or health reasons. 

Students entitled to exemption from payment of university fees, and requesting procedure.

Find out about personal loans service aimed at students regularly enrolled on degree programmes.

Amounts for office services for all programmes, approved for academic year 2019/2020



First instalment late payment fee (until 31 December)

€ 30

Late payment fee for enrolment on track after December 31

€ 105

Late payment fee for enrolment off track after December 31

€ 30

Late payment fee on Crema online course additional tuition

€ 100

Second instalment late payment fee (up to 15 days)

€ 30

Second instalment late payment fee (beyond 15 days)

€ 60

Fee for issuing original degree/postgraduate/PhD certificate

€ 116

Fee for admission tests to nationally capped degree/postgraduate/PhD programmes

€ 50

Fee for admission tests to locally capped programmes and assessment tests for open programmes.

€ 30

Fee for admission to open Master's (two-year) programmes

€ 30

Fee for Carta La Statale duplicate

€ 10

Application fee for transferring to another campus or programme

€ 91

Application fee for transferring from another campus (in addition to tuition fees)

€ 75

Application fee for recognition of a qualification obtained abroad

(in addition to tuition fees)

€ 216

Enrolment fee for a second degree (in addition to tuition fees)

€ 75

Application fee for transfer credits for previous career (in cases other than transfer and second degree)

€ 75

Fee for admission to the degree exam qualifying for health professions practice

€ 200

Fee for resuming studies: for each academic year of interruption

€ 200

Fee for resuming studies after a period of suspension for the reasons provided for by the different types of study programmes

€ 200

Late application fee

€ 20

State Board Exam registration fee

€ 400

Reimbursement of expenses for shipping documents by registered letter (in Italy)

€ 10

Reimbursement of expenses for shipping documents by registered letter (abroad)

€ 15