Distance exams

Focus on

In-person exams

Written and oral exams will take place in person, in compliance with safety and distancing rules. Waivers to the in-person exam requirement will be granted only for the following reasons:

  • Covid-19 positive or quarantined students
  • Students with underlying health concerns, as laid down by law
  • Students residing in countries with health restrictions or cross-border travel restrictions.

The waiver request may be sent via email or the LezioniUnimi app, as required by the Academic Board for each study programme and announced on the programme webiste. Students of degree programmes that adopt  the email procedure may request a waiver from the in-person exam requirement by submitting the self-certification form with a copy of their ID.

In these pages you will find information on tools and operations required to sit for exams online.

From technical prerequisites to the activation of Office 365 andTeams: information and FAQs about all you need to take an online oral exam. 

Instructions for sitting written exams designed with the proctoring system that require the exclusive use of the computer.