Online proctored quiz exams

In order to sit for an online proctored quiz exam, follow the instructions to be downloaded from the documents box. Key steps:

  • Before the exam
    Make sure you have a computer with a Windows or Mac OS operating system, a Chrome browser, a webcam and a very stable internet connection.
    Register for the exam session through UNIMIA, install the “Proctorio Chrome Extension”, and prepare your workstation well in advance as detailed in the instructions.
  • During the exam
    In addition to specific exam rules, there is a range of restrictions set by the proctoring system. For the entire duration of the exam, all information relating to some peripherals, software, functions, actions and data will be recorded by the system.
  • After the exam
    Once you have completed the exam, you will see a screen with the "submit and end" command. If you do not complete the quiz within the time limits, it will be submitted automatically.