Internal transfer – Bachelor’s and single-cycle degree programmes


Current degree students of the University of Milan may transfer to a different degree programme by submitting an online application, provided that:  

  • they have renewed their enrolment on their current degree programme. The transfer application can only be submitted after the enrolment renewal has been uploaded in the database;
  • they are up to date with payment of the fees for previous years.

Before submitting the transfer application, follow the instructions and deadlines set in the call for applications to the target programme.

Any waivers from tests and examinations are indicated in the call for applications: read it to make sure you meet all requirements.

Students enrolled in 2021/22 in the first year of the programme shall not apply for transfer, but use the dedicated procedure: Changing your programme if you are a new student.

Request for previous career assessment

The request for previous career assessment of the student's academic career must be submitted only if required by the call for applications, and only for Bachelor's and single-cycle degree programmes. Please review the call for applications for the deadlines and any transcript requirements.

For the request for previous career assessment a 75 Euro fee is due.

Submit an application

After following all the instructions set out in the call for applications to the target programme, complete the transfer procedure by submitting the transfer application.

The transfer application must be submitted online through Unimia, Online services (SIFA) > Students administrative services > Transfer requests > Internal transfer.

The online procedure is available from 26 July 2021 and the deadline for submitting the online application is the same as for first enrolment on the target programme, as set out in the call for applications, except for nationally capped programmes, which are listed at the bottom of this page.

The fee has to be paid through the PagoPA system and it is generated at the end of the online procedure.

For candidates admitted to the first year of the programme, any additional learning requirements (OFA) from their previous career and not yet fulfilled will be transferred to the new programme. In the event that the new programme provides for a different OFA threshold, you will be required to fulfil the OFA as set out for the new programme.

In case of internal transfer, you can continue to use your badge Carta La Statale.

Limited enrolment programmes national

Internal transfer or trasfer to a different teaching complex between the degree programmes in Medicine and Dental Medicine is possible through the same procedure as for transfers from another University.

The procedure for internal transfers between Health Professions degree programmes is the same as for transfers from another University.

Students enrolled in the Health Professions degree programmes of the University of Milan who only wish to transfer to a different teaching hospital, must submit a documented application, specifying the reasons for their request.

For the Academic Year 2021/2022, the application must be submitted from 15 July to 27 August 2021, by authenticating and sending the documentation through the InformaStudenti service.
For the degree programme in Nursing:

  • applications from first-year students or first-year repeating students will not be granted;
  • only applications due to serious personal or family problems, as duly documented, will be considered.