Withdrawing from studies

Withdrawing from studies

Those who wish to withdraw from studies must be up to date with the payment of university fees up until the last year of enrolment, as indicated in their personal Unimia page. Payment is due even if the student did not sit any exams.

To apply, students must book an appointment with the Student registry of their degree programme and submit the following:

    • filled in application to withdraw (Domanda rinuncia studi);

    • a 16 euro revenue stamp;

    • University exams booklet  (if issued at the time of matriculation);

    • Badge – Carta La Statale if not activated as a prepaid bank card;

    • Second instalment payment receipt.

The application to withdraw, signed by the student, may also be sent by registered post with return receipt, or hand delivered by a third person with written proxy and copy of the interested student's identity document.

Withdrawal and payment of the second instalment

The second instalment is due even when students abandon studies without explicitly withdrawing.

Students enrolled in academic year 2019/2020 who withdraw from studies by 31 January 2020, may pay a reduced fee of 400 euro, even if the calculated second instalment fee for 2019/20 is greater. In order to pay the 400 euro it is necessary to require the form via Infostudenti or at the secretariat front offices.

Those who withdraw starting 1 February 2020, must instead pay the maximum second instalment fee or the amount due in accordance with ISEE certification. ISEE certification may be requested even after the accorded deadline, with no surcharge for late declaration.

The second instalment must be paid by Pago PA, by accessing the online Payment Service from Unimia.

Those who withdraw from studies are not required to pay a penalty fee, even if the second instalment is paid after the deadline.

Effects of withdrawal

Those who withdraw can always return to their studies by enrolling on the same or a different degree programme. They can also apply for the recognition of any credits earned during their previous studies by paying a 75 euro fee and the second instalment of fees pertaining to the last year of enrolment.

Even students from other universities must pay the 75 euro fee when they submit an application for recognition of credits earned previously.

Only for students enrolled on degree programmes that have not been reformed, i.e. those who can still matriculate on a degree programme, withdrawing from studies entails cancellation of their previous studies.

Those who withdraw from studies can request certifications only if they have completed all administrative formalities.

Interruption of studies

Students automatically loose student status the moment they do not renew enrolmen t -that is, pay the first instalment: they cannot sit exams, graduate or complete any other formal acts.

The interruption may last 8 years at most, calculated starting from the last exam passed: after this period their student status lapses.

Special cases
Those who have to request the interruption of studies due to serious health problems or parenthood can submit an application for the interruption of studies, along with documents certifying the circumstances.

The application for interruption of studies must be submitted by the deadline for payment of the second instalment that year.

On resuming studies, students can subtract the first instalment already paid from that to be paid. Under no circumstances will a refund be issued.

Those who wish to resume studies must fill in a dedicated form and calculate arrears through the Infostudenti service, attaching a scanned copy of an identity document.

Along with the enrolment fee for the current year of renewed enrolment, as well as any arrears, students must pay a 200 euro fee for the interruption of studies for each academic year of inactivity.

The completed application form and payment receipts must be delivered, by appointment, to the Student registry of the degree programme.

Voluntary suspension of studies

Students can suspend their University studies in order to enrol in a university abroad, an Italian military academy or to attend a doctoral research programme, postgraduate specialisation or a Master.

Suspension may last from 1 up to 8 academic years.

Application to suspend studies

The application for suspension may be submitted at any time, but only if, on submission, the student have paid any outstanding fees, including all fees due for any years of interruption in studies.

To submit an application for suspension students must book an appointment with the Student registry of their degree programme and deliver the following:

  • a filled in suspension of studies application form

  • university exams booklet, if issued at the time of matriculation

  • badge – Carta La Statale

  • a 16 euro revenue stamp

To resume studies, students must book an appointment with the Student Registrar and collect the following forms:

  • Resumption of studies application form

  • Payment of the 200 euro fee for the entire period of suspension

  • Renewal of enrolment in the current academic year.

Documentation of activities and recognition of previous studies
With the resumption of studies students must also document the activities completed while attending foreign universities, military academies, doctoral programmes, postgraduate specializations and Master's programmes.

They can also request the recognition of studies completed by submitting an application for recognition to the academic authorities and paying the 75 euro fee for the recognition of previous university studies.

Lapsing of studies

When does your student status lapse?

Your student status lapses if you have not passed an exam in 8 consecutive years.

Your status does not lapse if you pass at least 1 exam before the 8 academic years since your last exam passed go by, or if you only have to sit the final degree exam/thesis and have acquired all the credits required, except those of the final exam.

Effects of lapsing

Those with lapsed status can renew enrolment to a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme and apply for the recognition of credits acquired during their previous studies.

Those who renew enrolment on degree programmes that have not been reformed, cannot request the recognition of previous credits because these credits, as well as those deriving from lapsed studies at other universities, are cancelled.

Those who withdraw from studies can request certifications only if they have completed all administrative formalities.