Placement tests, Entry tests and English courses

Freshmen enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or single-cycle Master's degree course at the University of Milan must certify their level of English language proficiency in accordance with the CEFR level required by each degree course.

Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) levels are specified among the entry requirements of each degree programme and listed in the box below.

Students can certify their English proficiency by submitting a language certificate among those accepted by the University or by taking a Placement test. Students without a valid language certificate must sit the Placement Test at their first year, between October and December/January.

If you have a language certificate, attach it to your application during the enrolment procedure. If you have already enrolled without attaching it, you can still upload it on this platform:

Those who will not have attained the language level required by their degree programme via Placement test must attend an English language course.

Important notice: some Master's degree programmes demand a specific English language level as an entry requirement for prospective students. Therefore, an entry test is required, not a Placement test. To be certain of that, it is always necessary to check the entry requirements of your programme.



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Students with disabilities or SLDs

Students with disabilities or with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs) must contact SLAM through the InformaStudenti Service in order to receive special arrangements and support for the test (students with disabilities: 50% more extra time; students with SLDs: 30% more extra time).