Placement tests, Entry tests and English courses

Students enrolled in the first time of a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or single-cycle master's degree programme at the University of Milan have to attain an English level equal to or higher than the language level than the language requirements of the chosen degree programme.

Common European Framework for languages (CEFR) levels are defined among the entry requirements of each degree’s or master’s programme and showed in the box below.

Students can certify their English by presenting a language certificate or by taking a Placement test. Students without a valid language certificate, must take the Placement Test at their first year, between October and January.

Those who have not attained the language level required by their degree programme through the placement test must attend an English language course.

Important notice: some degree programmes include an English entry test, which follows different rules from the Placement test. To be certain of that, it is always necessary to check the entry requirements of your programme.