Courses of Italian language and culture on Garda Lake

SLAM - University of Milan Language Centre regularly organizes Courses of Italian language and culture as well as training and refresher Courses for teachers of Italian as a second language at the University branch in Gargnano on Lake Garda. The historical facility, Palazzo Feltrinelli, provides the opportunity for a full immersion in Italian language and culture in a captivating setting thanks to expert trainers of Italian as a second language. The courses are integrated by cultural activities in the local area organized by the University of Milan Language Centre.

The deadline for applications to the Training and refresher course for teachers of Italian as a second language (1st-7th September 2024) has been extended until 22nd May 2024.

7th May 2024: the selection results for scholarships and self-funded seats for the Courses of Italian language and culture, summer 2024, have been published in the dedicated section.

ragazzi conversano su una terrazza affacciata sul lago

Intensive courses of Italian in the beautiful setting of Lake Garda.

Course listing

Every summer, SLAM - University of Milan Language Centre organizes the Chiara and Giuseppe Feltrinelli International Courses of Italian Language and Culture at the University branch in Gargnano on Lake Garda. The courses are open to international users at the University of Milan (i.e., students enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or single-cycle Master’s degree course, Erasmus+ incoming students, PhD students, research fellows, scholarship holders, and specialisation school students) and to international users external to the University proving at least the B1 level of Italian language proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The course lasts three weeks and includes 90 hours of Italian language and culture learning per round:

  • First round: 1 to 20 July 2024
  • Second round: 22 July to 10 August 2024

International users at the University of Milan may apply for a scholarship whereas non-Italian citizens external to the University can participate paying a small fee.

The programme includes cultural activities, among which an opera performance at the Arena of Verona and a tour of the old lemon tree house La Malora.

Students completing the course earn 3 university credits.

The University Language Centre SLAM organises an Italian language training and refresher course intended for Italian L2 teachers. The course is open to all Italian L2 teachers working in Italy or abroad at Universities, Italian Cultural Institutes or other public and/or private bodies.

The course can be acknowledged as Erasmus+ training week (link).


- age limit: 25-60 y.o.

- minimum knowledge level of the Italian language: B2

- for candidates of non-Italian nationality, the language level will be verified by means of a language certificate or statement attached to the application form.


The course will take place in the University branch of Gargnano (BS) on lake Garda, at Palazzo Feltrinelli, from 1st to 7th September 2024.

In addition to the didactic activities, there will be some cultural activities among which a visit to the ancient lemon house ‘La Malora’ and a tour of the Vittoriale degli Italiani.

The course has a duration of one week, from 1st September to 7th September 2024, for 25 lesson hours with language trainers specialised in teaching L2 Italian, divided as follows:

  • mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:45 a.m.
  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 5:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.

At the end of the course, participants will receive a statement of attendance.


Starting from the theoretical premises, the course aims to develop the language-teaching skills in order to effectively address the teaching of L2 Italian. Specifically, the course will provide the strategies and the instruments functional to the development of language skills of learners in various contexts. The course has a theoretical-practical approach.

Those attending the course will deal with the following topics during the morning lessons, with a workshop-like approach, while in the two afternoons they will do a practical experimentation of what has been learned, through workshops and simulations.

The programme will cover the following topics:

  • Which texts for which language? Italian literature in foreign/second language lessons
  • Which texts for which language? Cinema and tv series in foreign/second language lessons
  • The Italian lesson as foreign/second language with digital instruments
  • The glottodramma
  • Creative writing: workshop
  • The ICTs in Italian teaching
  • Tell me how you speak and I will tell you who you are. Italian and its sociolinguistic variants
  • Playful learning
  • Gender issues in language
  • Didactics of materials/tests/certificates: workshop
  • Learning methodologies: workshop


The course has a fee of € 690 (VAT and charges included), inclusive of:

  • 25-hour training and refresher course;
  • Three meals per day at Palazzo Feltrinelli (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • Accommodation at Palazzo Feltrinelli or Casa Bertolini;

The fee does not cover:

  • Travel expenses
  • Extra drinks (wine, coffee)
  • Optional cultural activities organised by the SLAM Centre


Candidates must submit their application between 18th March and 28th April 2024 h 12.00 am.

In order to submit the application, the candidates must use the following link:

The following documents must be attached to the application:

  • curriculum vitæ in Italian;
  • for foreign candidates: language proficiency certificate or statement at B2 level or higher;
  • scanned copy of the identification document
  • one photograph.

Pursuant to Legislative Decree No.196/2003, please be informed that the University undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the information provided by the candidates.

After the deadline, the SLAM Centre will evaluate the applications prioritising teachers who work abroad and will establish the ranking of the eligible candidates, publishing it by the middle of May 2024.



The selected applicants shall confirm their participation by 15th June 2024 by paying the fee of 690 euros, according to modalities which will be communicated in due time. 

Following the payment, the selected applicants will receive an e-mail with further details and useful information.

Between 15th June and 30th June, in case of vacant places, the candidates in the waiting list will be contacted and will have to confirm their participation by 15th July 2024 by paying the fee of 690 euros, according to modalities which will be communicated in due time.

All participants will have to inquire by themselves about the procedures to be followed to obtain a visa, if necessary, as well as arrange health insurance for their stay.


For information: [email protected]

Withdrawing from the course and Refund

Should applicants withdraw from the course due to justified and documented reasons, sending relevant notification by 15th July 2024, they will be refunded 80% of the registration fee. Should applicants notify their withdrawal after the aforementioned deadline, the SLAM Centre reserves the right to decide whether to issue a refund or not, depending on the reason and documentation submitted.

For the refund to be issued, the applicant must be the holder or co-holder of the bank account from which the payment was issued.

Gargnano sul Garda
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ragazzi conversano su una terrazza affacciata sul lago
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