Language tests and courses for mobility calls

SLAM - University of Milan Language Centre issues language proficiency statements in order to apply for European and extra-European mobility programmes. 

Furthermore, SLAM organizes language intensive courses in summer for students selected for the Erasmus+ outgoing programme.

Language Level statement

SLAM organises tests to issue a language proficiency statement for the following categories of students:

  • Candidates for the Erasmus+ programme
  • Candidates for extra-European mobility programmes
  • Candidates for thesis research abroad calls
  • Selected students for the Erasmus+ outgoing programme.

The languages tested are the following:

  • English: all levels
  • French: A2, B1, B2 levels
  • Spanish: A2, B1, B2 levels
  • German: A2, B1, B2, C1 levels
  • Portuguese: all levels

The calendar of the test sessions for Erasmus+ outgoing call (a.a. 2021/2022) is available below

The language tests last about one hour and include grammar, reading and listening questions.

Summer intensive courses

Students selected for the Erasmus+ outgoing programme who wish to improve their language knowledge before leaving can attend a intensive courses during the summer, take the end of course test and receive a language proficiency statement reporting the CEFR level they attained.

Courses are held in the first two weeks of July and last 60 hours. Attendance is not compulsory.

Intensive courses are available for the following languages:

  • English
  • French 
  • German
  • Spanish 
  • Portuguese

Those students selected for the Erasmus+ outgoing programme are going to be informed in June by email on where the courses are going to take place.