International courses of Italian language and culture on Garda Lake

For summer 2021, SLAM - University of Milan Language Centre is organising the Chiara e Giuseppe Feltrinelli International Courses of Italian Language and Culture in Gargnano on Garda Lake. The courses are open to international University users (students enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s or Single-Cycle Master's Degree Courses, Erasmus+ incoming students, PhD students, research fellows, scholarship holders and specialisation school students) and foreign citizens external to the University with a minimum Italian language proficiency at level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The courses last three weeks and consist of 84 hours of Italian language and culture lessons divided into two sessions:

  • First session from 28th June to 17th July 2021
  • Second session from 19th July to 7th August 2021

International University users can apply for a scholarship, whereas foreign citizens can apply by paying a small participation fee.

Calls are available in the box on the right. The deadline to apply is postponed until 18 April 2021.


Gargnano sul Garda
porta a vetri all'interno di un palazzo
spettatori guardano un concerto pianoforte e voce
ragazzi conversano su una terrazza affacciata sul lago
ragazzi studiano seduti sotto un albero
studneti seduti in aula durante lezione
Ragazzi seduti su una scalinata