#StayHome #StayFit: some tips from our experts

Studying or working at home is essential to beat the virus, but staying indoors can be hard and affect your lifestyle. What can you do?

You can play an important role now, by doing your job as best as possible, and complying with health measures, but also by staying fit.

How to study or work at home? How to sit in front of your PC? What to eat? Why not dust off that old stationary bicycle in the garage? It's up to you: in these pages you will find some useful tips from the University teachers.


icona alimentazione

Scientists around the world are monitoring the spread of Covid-19, and there are no reports of transmission by food. While transmission through food or imported products is unlikely, what are food-safety best practices?

You cannot shop for groceries every day, but once or twice a week. What should you buy then? First of all, it is important to plan your shopping in order to avoid eating too much or wasting food.

We would all like to know how to eat well and maintain our target weight, and above all how to improve our immune system. No diet will make you immune to viral infections. However, proper nutrition can help you prevent, and especially fight, various types of diseases.

Physical exercise

icon attività fisicaWe tend to think of physical exercise as the opposite of staying at home, but that is not always the case! If you study or work at home, you may feel quite tired at the end of the day. Do you have back pain? Does your neck feel sore? 

Our teachers suggest some exercises that will help you feel better, easing the tension of the cervical spine, aka neck, and the lumbar spine. These simple exercises will make you less stiff and teach you to relax muscles, whose contraction often causes or worsens discomfort. Aerobics, strength, flexibility, abs, core stability, back, legs, squat, arms, shoulders and chest... Where do we start? You exercise regularly and want to keep in good shape while staying at home? You are quite inactive and want to seize this opportunity to get fit? How to exercise properly? 

  1. Slowly: control your movements
  2. Carefully: if it hurts, stop
  3. Deeply inhaling and exhaling: don't hold your breath
  4. Regularly: if you exercise every day you will see the benefits.

Complete your training program with tutorials from the University Sports Centre's students (CUS).

Psychological tips

icona psicologia

You cannot control, but you can accept and handle what happens in your life. Deal with fear, make plans, rationalize your feelings, listen, avoid information overload, try something new, be selfless, and maybe get a little bored: here are some practical tips to stay on top of things in the days of Covid-19.

In these uncertain times, what with major changes in your daily life and constant exposure to news on the current health emergency, it is perfectly normal to feel stressed and anxious. However, you should be able to see any signs that your stress level is too high. Here are some tips and exercises to help you cope with stress and anxiety, and achieve relaxation and awareness.