Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Ombudsman


The undergraduate and postgraduate student Ombudsman is the person in charge of enforcing compliance with the rules concerning students enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, postgraduate schools and PhD programmes, in relation to any aspect of their academic life. The Student Ombudsman:

  • reviews students’ complaints about possible violations of the University’s regulations or Code of Ethics by bodies, offices or single employees of the University, while protecting the injured party from potential retaliation;
  • takes actions to settle the issue, notifying the competent body and the complainant of his/her findings and conclusions;
  • oversees compliance with the regulatory framework with regard to teaching activities, education incentive programmes and students’ academic careers;
  • promotes direct dialogue between students and instructors;
  • monitors compliance with University regulations;
  • receives reports and complaints and proposes improvements and interventions, as per art. 35 of the University Statute and in accordance with the Student Ombudsman Regulations.

The current undergraduate and postgraduate student Ombudsman of the University of Milan is Prof. Alberto Roccella (e-mail [email protected]), who has been in office since 15 February 2023.

When to contact the Ombudsman

You can contact the Student Ombudsman to report breaches of academic regulations and/or conduct rules, for example in the following cases:

  • if you believe that a course has been organised in breach of the Academic Regulations;
  • if you have problems with your instructors, also with regard to their assessment methods and criteria during exams;
  • if you suspect a violation of the Code of Ethics.

Students’ confidentiality is protected right from the start of the process, both during meetings with the Ombudsman as well as in the case of any interaction with other University offices or instructors that may be heard for the purpose of resolving the complaint. 

To book an appointment or report any issues, please send an email to [email protected] using your institutional email address ([email protected] or [email protected]).

All complaints submitted through other channels will be disregarded.