Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Ombudsman

The Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Ombudsman is an institutional, impartial and independent figure, who is appointed by the Academic Senate on the proposal of the Rector to:

  • promote dialogue between students and the teaching staff;
  • monitor compliance with the Regulations;
  • receive complaints or reports and solicit improvement or protection measures, as required by Art. 35 of the University Statute and the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Ombudsman.
When and how to contact the Ombudsman

You can contact the Student Ombudsman to report any administrative or educational issues, such as:

  • issues in administrative office procedures
  • missing or lacking services
  • anomalies in IT procedures
  • organisation of classes
  • assessment methods and criteria
  • difficulties in relations with the teaching staff.

To arrange a meeting with the Ombudsman, write to [email protected] .

Per fissare un incontro o segnalare particolari problemi è possibile contattare l'indirizzo [email protected], utilizzando il proprio account di posta istituzionale ([email protected]).

Non saranno considerate istanze presentate con modalità diverse da quelle sopra indicate.