The University's commitment for equal rights

The University of Milan has always been focused on ensuring an academic environment that is inclusive and respectful of all differences.

Our commitment to promoting equal rights is geared towards the whole academic community − students, professors and technical and administrative staff − and reflects in a wide variety of actions. These include measures adopted by our governing bodies and other academic authorities tasked with overseeing equality matters, as well as initiatives in the areas of research, teaching, scientific dissemination and public engagement.

Marilisa D'Amico
Deputy Rector for Legality, Transparency and Equal Rights
[email protected] 

Paola Branchi
Gender & Equality Advisor
[email protected]

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Equality in terms of gender, sexual orientation and identity

The University is committed to promoting equal opportunities for men and women and at combating all kinds of discrimination in University life.

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Acceptance and integration

Research and teaching projects, a permanent committee of professors and technical, administrative and library staff: the University’s initiatives to address integration issues.

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Rights and individuals with disabilities and SLD

The University promotes a culture of inclusion for individuals with disabilities and/or Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD).

Research and teachings
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Research into rights

The research into fundamental rights and on equality involves all the University's departments.

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Courses and teachings on rights

Post-grad advanced programmes and more than 30 courses organised by various departments in the University are focussed on the protection of human rights.