University credentials

Before enrolling

If you have never used the University's online services and you are not yet registered (or if your credentials are no longer valid), you can access admission, enrolment, education incentive programmes, and information services by registering on the unimi portal.

After enrolling

University credentials are required to access:

  • all online services requiring user authentication (University email, Unimia, Ariel, etc.)
  • the off-campus Digital Library
  • the wireless network (eduroam)
  • the service
Students credentials,

The credentials assigned to students are a username - which takes the form - and a password comprising letters and numbers.

Username and password are generated and assigned automatically when first matriculating on

  • bachelor's degree programmes
  • single courses,
  • vocational master's,
  • Initial Training and Traineeship (FIT) programmes,
  • advanced training courses
  • incoming Erasmus students.

They are indicated in the matriculation receipt, along with a PIN; should you lose them, they can be retrieved by accessing the matriculation service again with the credentials used to matriculate. The PIN is associated with the matriculation number assigned to you during the matriculation procedure.

The credentials remain valid for any subsequent matriculations on other University programmes (e.g. when transitioning from bachelor's degree to master's degree programmes).

Modify credentials

Once generated, the username cannot be modified, whereas you may change your password at any time.

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PhD and postgraduate schools,

Those who enrol in PhD programmes and Postgraduate schools automatically receive University credentials, in the same format as for internal staff:

To activate your credentials, access the web service for the release of online credentials and enter the activation code (or temporary PIN) which was texted to you.

PhD and postgraduate students who have graduated from our University will have two different credentials to access online services, including Unimia:

  • for their post-graduate career
  • for their previous career
Expiration of credentials


University credentials for students do not expire: even after completing your studies, you can access the sections of the portal dedicated to services for students and graduates.

On the contrary, access to the Digital Library lapses upon graduation.

Your e-mail box will remain active for two academic years following the year of last renewal. 

PhD and Postgraduate students

University credentials for PhD and Postgraduate students expire one year after the thesis discussion or final exam date.