University credentials

University credentials are required to access:

The credentials assigned to students are a username - which takes the form - and a password comprising letters and numbers.

Username and password are generated and assigned automatically when first matriculating on bachelor's degree programmes and single courses, vocational master's, Initial Training and Traineeship (FIT) programmes, advanced training courses and to incoming Erasmus students.

They are indicated in the matriculation receipt, along with a PIN; should you lose them, they can be retrieved by accessing the matriculation service again with the credentials used to matriculate. The PIN is associated with the matriculation number assigned to you during the matriculation procedure.

The credentials remain valid for any subsequent matriculations on other University programmes (e.g. when transitioning from bachelor's degree to master's degree programmes).

Those enrolled in doctoral programmes and postgraduate schools are instead automatically assigned University credentials, which take the form, as in the case of internal University staff.

Expiration of credentials

University credentials do not expire: once you have completed your studies, they can be used to access sections of the portal dedicated to student and graduate services.

In contrast, graduates lose their access to the Digital Library.

Modify credentials

Once generated, the username cannot be modified, whereas you may change your password at any time.

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