Patronage is a form of recognition whereby the University of Milan subscribes to an initiative deemed worthy of appreciation for its cultural, scientific, educational, sporting, economic or social purposes.

Beneficiaries are allowed to use the name and logo of the University with the indication "under the patronage of the University of Milan". They are required to highlight the patronage and logo of the University in all forms of advertisingof the initiative: invitations, posters, flyers, brochures, publications etc., in compliance with our visual identity rules.

Patronage does not involve financial aid, nor organisational or logistical support. Patronage must not damage the prestige and image of the University of Milan, and is only granted for a single event.

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The Office manages, among others, patronage procedures and the use of the University logo. For further information: .

How to apply for patronage

The initiatives for which patronage can be granted are:

  • important local, national or international conferences, congresses, awards, study and research initiatives
  • important local, national or international cultural, scientific, educational, sporting and social events.

The following entities can apply for patronage:

  • Public bodies
  • Non-profit institutions, associations, foundations and other cultural, scientific, educational, sports, economic and social organizations operating locally, nationally or internationally
  • University instructors acting on behalf of the aforementioned bodies.

For-profit initiatives and political events cannot be granted patronage.

Applications for patronage must be submitted to the Rector by filling in the dedicated on-line form, and attaching the programme, at least 60 days before the event.

The Events Office will notify the applicant of the outcome, based on the Rector's opinion.

In the event of specific initiatives concerning individual Departments, such as specialist refresher courses, seminars and scientific meetings on research projects, the patronage of the Department must be requested from the Department Head.