Visual identity

The University of Milan has a consistent visual identity across internal and external communication products on any medium, including print, video, websites, props and installations.

The visual identity system regulates the use of the University brand and institutional colours, increasing its visibility and recognition, through various manuals: a general institutional handbook, one for administrative divisions, centres and offices, and specific manuals for different academic areas and departments.

The system includes the brand graphic versions (both in .jpg and vector format, for professional printing), use instructions and several examples of graphic treatment, as a reference for design studios working for the University.

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For special cases not included in the manuals, seek advice from:

Institutional and digital communication
Tel.  02 503 12103/12104

The University brand (Minerva) and logo ("Università degli Studi di Milano") are inseparable elements, which are normally referred to as "the brand" in our visual identity manuals.

The shape and colour of the image of Minerva, the font and size of the writing, the relationship between the two elements, and between these and other letterings or marks, are illustrated in the tables of the manuals and cannot be altered.

The University, through its governing boards and its scientific, educational, administrative and service divisions, has the exclusive use of its brand.

All University staff can use the files contained in the visual identity manuals, in compliance with the rules set out therein.

Each division can provide external professionals with the manual and its files, and is responsible for compliance with the rules and good use of the brand.

The Rector's prior authorization to use the brand must be obtained for all cultural and scientific events (conferences, conventions, congresses, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, performances) organized by public and private entities, provided that they are connected with the institutional purposes of the University, and for the initiatives organized by the university divisions in cooperation with third parties outside the University.

The use of the brand by third parties to produce gadgets for marketing or advertising purposes is subject to a resolution of the Board of Directors.

The use of the brand can never affect the reputation and image of the University.