Rights and individuals with disabilities and SLD

The University promotes a culture of inclusion for individuals with disabilities and/or Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD).

By setting up a specific Service for students with Disabilities and a Service for students with SLD, students are in a position to pursue their University education with equal rights.

To make these measures more effective, in 2019 the University appointed not just the head of the Disability and SpLD service but also dedicated teaching personnel for the department. In addition, the University created a think tank to research the educational rights of individuals with SpLD, to monitor and increase the efficacy of the University's services in collaboration with the SLD Service.

To raise awareness of the topic with teaching staff, in 2020 a series of training seminars were planned, specifically aimed at the department's staff. 

Vice-Rector for Disabilities Service


The Disabilities Service office provides assistance and services to students with disabilities in order to guarantee their inclusion at the University.

Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)

The University of Milan provides students who have Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) with services and support for the full duration of their University education.