Acceptance and integration

The University is aware of the importance of acceptance and integration, especially at this historical moment.

There are numerous projects aimed at raising awareness of the topics and creating an inclusive culture. There is also a specialisation course in the Management of immigration and asylum seekers.

In accordance with the Cariplo Foundation, the University of Milan has set up the research group "Immigrants: reception and representation policies" and a permanent committee has been set up, comprising professors who are experts on immigration issues and technical personnel who work directly in the field of the reception and integration of immigrant students: the Acceptance and Integration Committee, which was created by vice-rectors Antonella Baldi and Marilisa D'Amico, has seen the involvement of a number of professors researching or teaching on topics relating to integration, to promote joint projects. 

An interdisciplinary analysis of immigration and the connected issue of safeguarding human rights is the centre point for the Immigration Research and Human Rights Centre, whose objective is the interdisciplinary study of immigration and human rights.

Social responsibility and rights

The culture of integration is growing thanks to attention that is being placed on services - an activity that is championed by the Vice-Rector for Academic Planning and Services, students and personnel, Marina Brambilla – and also to a dialogue and actions that foster social responsibility, which are overseen by the Vice-Rector for Third Mission activities Marina Carini, including: 

An inclusive University

This project was developed by UNAR, the National Antidiscrimination Body, and the University of Milan to promote an inclusive environment within the University and a culture that fosters rights by rolling out a specific campaign on communication, training and guidance.

Recent events
Open Week 2020

A corredo sono stati predisposti materiali di approfondimento in formato video, a disposizione degli studenti sulla piattaforma dell'Open Week.

This meeting was aimed at raising awareness in the young individuals looking to study at the University of the importance that this University attaches on a daily basis to equality and inclusion.

By collaborating with Unar, which is part of the University's Inclusive project, the curriculum also includes a specific study into the topic of harassment in general, discrimination due to sexual orientation as well as an introduction to the tools that can help combat the barriers that can be encountered by students with disabilities or learning difficulties.  

As part of that, educational materials have been created, including videos, which are made available to students during the Open Week event.

Meeting students 1 October 2019

Organised together with Unar, the National Antidiscrimination Body, represented at the event by Agnese Canevari, together with the Vice-Rector Marilisa D'Amico, the University set up a meeting with new students to welcome them to an inclusive University.

After an initial introduction of the Unimi-Inclusive project, the meeting – which attracted in the region of 200 students – then went on to examine the topics of homophobia, harassment and different learning methods.

Seminars 2020, 27 May and 17 June

Two seminars looking into specific learning difficulties and disabilities, designed specifically for teaching personnel from the SpLD and disability department but open to anyone interesting in learning more about the topic.

Created using the Teams platform, the meetings were promoted by the University Service dedicated to supporting students with disabilities or SpLD together with the members of the University who are involved in guaranteeing equal opportunities in terms of their University education.

Training sessions include the participation of authoritative experts from a number of fields as well as time dedicated to debate, which is fundamental to bring to light the relevant principles and ideas as part of the diverse education opportunities offered by this University, and to collectively build good practice and strong foundations for a genuinely inclusive learning environment.

The University and the UNHCR

The University of Milan has signed two important manifestos relating to accepting refugee students, developed by the Vice-Rector for internationalisation Antonella Baldi.

On 6 November 2019, the University signed the first manifesto, which requires an undertaking to broaden activities and courses for the benefit of refugee students, such as IT and tutoring services, the acknowledgment of international qualifications, scholarships and incentives, and University opportunities for refugees who are resident in third countries.

On 15 June 2020, the University signed the second manifesto, which is a continuation of the 2019 pilot project, to activate educational opportunities.

UNHCR for universities