Annual monitoring report

The Annual monitoring report (SMA) and the Cyclical Review Report (RRc) are self-assessment activities carried out by the Study Course, for which the Review Group of each Board of Directors is responsible.

Annual monitoring report

It consists of a brief comment on the indicators provided by the ANVUR for:

  • student careers
  • attractiveness and internationalization
  • employability of graduates
  • number and qualifications of teachers
  • graduate satisfaction.

Through indicator analysis, a study programme can identify any critical issues, also in comparison to other programmes in the same degree class, both at the local and national level.

Within the indicators provided by ANVUR, the University has identified 6 Sentinel Indicators, which all study programmes should comment on.

Cyclical Review Report

It consists of an in-depth analysis of the progress of the study programme, which is useful for identifying any critical issues and improvement actions to be implemented in the next cycle.

It is prepared periodically, based on the Quality Assurance Board's guidance, as well as in one of the following cases: upon the request of the ANVUR, the Ministry of Education or the University, in the event of major critical issues or substantial changes to the system.

The Cyclical Review is based on the analysis of the following items:

  • cultural and professional profiles and structure of the study programme
  • student experience
  • programme resources
  • programme monitoring and review
  • comment on the indicators.