Annual monitoring report

The Annual monitoring report is a fundamental part of the system of Quality Assurance of the University’s educational activities and, together with the “Scheda Sua-CdS” (Annual study programme datasheet), comprises the documentation required for the University’s self-assessment exercise.

All study programmes are required to complete the annual monitoring report form (substituting the Annual Review), which consists of a summary and critical comment on the quantitative indicators provided by ANVUR with regard to: 

  • students’ academic careers,
  • the attractiveness of the degree programme and level of internationalisation, 
  • employability of graduates,
  • quantity and qualification of the degree programme lecturers,
  • graduate satisfaction.

The datasheet must be approved and sent according to the following process: 

  1. The content must be approved by resolution of the appropriate Departmental or Interdepartmental Academic Board and sent thereafter to the Department Council and to the Management Committee of the Liaison Body. 
  2. Once approved, the datasheet must be sent to the Study Programmes Office.
Cyclical Review

The Cyclical Review contains an in-depth self-assessment of the overall performance of a Study Programme and must be carried out at least every five years or whenever one of the following occurs: 

  • in preparation for a Periodic Accreditation visit
  • following a request from the Independent Evaluation Unit;
  • when serious problems arise or substantial changes are made to the course regulations.

The Review mainly highlights the relevance of the conditions on which the Study Programme is based and those of the management system used to achieve them, by examining:

  • the relevance of the educational demand and training objectives,
  • the reference cultural and professional figures and their skills,
  • the consistency of the learning outcomes provided by the Study programme as a whole and by individual courses
  • the effectiveness of the management system adopted.

The Presidents of the Academic Boards can view their individual Annual Study Programme Datasheet/s by logging on to their personal staff web page at using their personal login details.