Joint Teaching Staff-Student Committees (CPDS)

What are Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committees?

Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committees are composed of an equal number of teachers and students. Each Committee is the first evaluator of training activities, based on direct experience of study programmes, both from the teacher's and more importantly the student's point of view. More specifically, the Committees:

  • monitor curricula, the quality of teaching and support services;
  • express opinions on the launch or termination of a study programme;
  • draw up an Annual Report for each study programme, also based on the student survey.

The Committees draw up an Annual Report for each study programme, providing valuable information on their progress and any critical issues.

The report contains analyses, observations and suggestions for the programme managers to take corrective or improvement actions. Given their importance in the Quality Assurance system, the reports are also submitted to the Independent Evaluation Unit, the Academic Senate and the Quality Assurance Board, as well as to the Ministry.  

The Quality Assurance Board ensures that the data required by the Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committees is available and accessible by all members in the University's dedicated management system.

Students are encouraged to participate proactively in the work of the Committees.