Studying Pharmacy at the University of Milan

Teaching organization

The duration of the single cycle Master's degree programme is five years and is divided into ten semesters.

Teaching of first cycle Bachelor's degree programme is organised into six semesters over three years, and that of the second cycle is offered over four semesters and two years. All degree courses include lectures, guided laboratory exercises, and independent study.

The University’s teaching regulations and those for each degree programme establish that credit (CFU) should include the following commitments:

  • 8 hours of lectures or equivalent educational activities and 17 hours of independent study
  • 16 hours of exercises or equivalent assisted activities and 9 hours of independent study
  • 25 hours of independent study
  • 25 hours of independent practice in the laboratory (activity related to the preparation of the thesis)
  • 30 hours of apprenticeship, for Pharmacy and for Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies
  • 25 hours of apprenticeship, for the Bachelors and Masters courses.
Recupero OFA di Matematica

Per le matricole che al test di ingresso non raggiungono la sufficienza nei quesiti di matematica e devono colmare gli Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi (OFA) viene messo a disposizione il Laboratorio di matematica di base che inizia in autunno.

Le attività di laboratorio permettono poi l’accesso al Test di recupero degli OFA.

I dettagli sono disponibili sui siti dei corsi di laurea.

Traineeships and internships

To enable entry to the State Board Exam licensing practice as a pharmacist, the single cycle Master's degree programmes in Pharmacy and in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies provide for a mandatory traineeship at either a pharmacy that is open to the public or at a hospital pharmacy.

Bachelor's and Master's programmes also include compulsory traineeships, the duration of which will vary according to the programme, but in this case the internships can be completed within university structures or external bodies and companies.

Study awards

The University of Milan offers study awards for students or graduates, thanks to its own or external funding.

International agreements

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences promotes various initiatives aimed at creating a network of connections with international organizations and institutions.


Information and contacts for students interested in a period of study at other European universities.

Final theses

Admission to the final exam is subject to the acquisition of a certain number of credits (CFU) and the preparation of a thesis paper.

The number of credits required and the ways in which the thesis work must be carried out are specific to each Degree Programme.