Studying at Chemical Science and Technology


Chemistry has always been present at the University of Milan since it was founded in 1924, initially with only one degree programme in Industrial Chemistry. Over the years, the educational offer in this field has expanded with the organizational structure. The current Department of Chemistry was founded in 2012 and it combined almost all teaching staff in the chemistry disciplines within the university, promoting cutting-edge scientific research activities in all fields of modern chemistry and presenting itself as a cultural reference point as well as a practical support for chemistry research of a more specific industrial and applicative interest.

The Department

The Department of Chemistry promotes, coordinates and takes care of the research activity in the field of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, and the educational and training activities for the degree programmes offered, as well as extra, related external activities.

Programme Organization

Courses are organized in semesters. Examination sessions are held exclusively during periods when courses are suspended.

Entrance examination
The Bachelor’s Degree programmes (Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry) have a limited enrolment; admission depends on the results obtained on the entrance examination.

Admission to the Master’s Degree programmes (Chemical Science and Industrial Chemistry) occurs after passing a test aimed at ascertaining knowledge and skills in chemistry (EChemTest) and by completing an interview with the commission. The candidate must have the minimum requirements indicated in the programme structure.

Traineeships and Internships

The final internship period, included in both bachelor’s degrees, can be carried out at external organizations, after authorization by the Academic Board, which evaluates its educational value. During the thesis (strictly internal) for the Master’s Degrees in Chemical Science and in Industrial Chemistry, it is instead possible to carry out the internship period at businesses, under the supervision of the thesis supervisor. All external training activities (curricular and extracurricular) are managed by the University Study and Career Guidance Service (COSP).

Alternating School and Work programme

Through the Academic Board, which is in charge of orientation activities, the department takes an active role in proposing various possibilities for the Alternating School and Work Programmes within the initiatives of the Scientific Degrees Plan (PLS) and in collaboration with the University Study and Career Guidance Service (COSP).

Certificates and Awards

In 2009, the bachelor’s and master’s degrees have all obtained (among the first in Italy) the European Certification of Quality, EuroBachelor and EuroMaster, from the ECTN (European Chemistry Thematic Network).

Student statistics
Rankings and statistical data

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