Sociology and methodology of social research

Doctoral programme (PhD)
A.Y. 2020/2021
Study area
Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
Università degli Studi di Torino
Doctoral programme (PhD)
Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali e Politiche - Via Conservatorio, 7 - 20122 Milano
The doctoral programme offers a theoretical-analytical and technical-methodological preparation rooted in an excellent tradition of international research on empirical sociology. It aims to train researchers in the analysis of current processes of cultural and social change based on the close integration of theory and empirical research. The programme aims to provide a solid theoretical-conceptual preparation along with mastery of the most up-to-date research methodologies and techniques, both quantitative and qualitative. This translates into a programme which provides students with all the tools for undertaking original, theoretically oriented and empirically based research on a wide range of aspects of contemporary society. Particular attention is given to comparison between different social situations and contexts, also in supranational contexts and through extended periods of research abroad. Lectures are delivered in English. Although well anchored in the concepts and methods of sociological research, the student will regularly interact with the other social sciences - anthropology, psychology, political sciences, economics, demography, statistics, informatics - to gain a fuller understanding of phenomena under study.
The main areas of doctoral research in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research regard social change and inequalities, cultural processes, the media and the public sphere, urban spaces, and methodologies in social research.
Tutte le classi di laurea magistrale - All classes of master's degree
Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali e Politiche - Via Conservatorio, 7 - 20122 Milano
Title Professor(s)
The body, consumption, cultures and arts
C. Genova
Social inequalities and socio-economic stratification
R. Carriero
D. Contini
J. Pratschke
A. Meo
Gender and sexuality
C. Bertone
R. Ferrero Camoletto
R. Ghigi
Work and organizations
A. Bruni
B. Poggio
Social movements, collective action and civil society
Science, technology, environment and urban studies
G. Semi
D. Perrotta
Sociology of family
R. Bosisio
M. Naldini
Digital society and the media
Sociology of politics, public opinion and voting
D. Tuorto
Sociology of health
M. Cardano
L. Gariglio
Migration studies, multicultural societies and citizenship
D. Donatiello
Religion and social change


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