Erasmus+ incoming

Addressed to Erasmus students getting ready to come to Milan, these pages offer useful advice on dealing with administrative formalities, as well as a brief, step-by-step memorandum on the current enrolment procedure.

Application deadlines
30 June
First semester
30 November
Second semester

Erasmus branch

Monday to Friday
9 am to noon

+39 02 503.13507

Useful information
  1. Make sure that your University has informed the Erasmus Office of your arrival at the University of Milan.Without the nomination you will be not accepted as an Erasmus student and you will not be entitled to request accommodation services
  2. Complete your on-line application and submit it to the Erasmus Office by:
    - Semester 1    30 June 
    - Semester 2   30 November 
    At the end of the procedure, you will receive a message concerning your enrolment. If you are enrolling for the first time, you will have to create an account by clicking on 'Create anaccount'.Once the account has been created, you can check your details and make changes if necessary, by inserting your username and password.
    After the Erasmus Office has verified your details, you will receive a second message confirming your registration. You will also receive information on how to complete the enrolment and accommodation booking procedures
  3. Reach an agreement with your faculty about the courses you will take in Milan. Get in touch with your Erasmus coordinator at the University of Milan, if you do not find any information about the available courses before leaving for Milan
  4. Ask your University for a certification attesting your Erasmus student and make status
  5. Get your EHIC, the European Health Insurance Card for medical assistance, from the Health National Service of your country of residence 
  6. Get an Accident Insurance Certificate that is valid abroad. You can request it to your University, to a private insurance company or to the University of Milan. Make sure that the insurance policy also covers injuries occurring during educational activities. Hand in your insurance policy to the Erasmus Office when you arrive at the University of Milan.
  7. Make sure that your passport or you identity card are valid and bring with you 2 passport size photos.
  • Enrol within 2 days from your arrival, and collect your Carta La Statale badge and your enrolment certificate at the International Relations and Agreements office, handing in:

    • your passport or other identity papers 
    • 2 passport size photos
    • the cerificate issued by your university attestinf your Erasmus student status 
    • your Accident Insurance Certificate valid abroad
    • your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) for medical assistance.
  • Go to one of the Local Health Autority office  A.T.S. (Agenzia di Tutela della Salute), bringing with you your EHIC and request your 'Carnet della Salute', the official document that entitles you to free medical assistance provided by the Italian Health Service.

  • Get information about class timetable available in the website section dedicated to the study area you have choosen or refer to the specific programme website.

  • check the exam timetable through your personal webpage UNIMIA by login with the University credential assigned by the Erasmus office at your arrival.

Season ticket for public transport

If you are aged under 26, you are eligible to buy an ATM public transportation card at the special price that the Milan's Public Tansportation Company reserves to students.

Show your enrolment certificate at one of the ATM Point together with your passport or identity card and 1 photograph. 

Courses timetable

Information on courses timetable and exams schedule are available online, and divided by related Faculties and Schools:

  • Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Exercise and Sports Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Political, Economic and Social Sciences
  • Science and Technology
  • Veterinary Medicine
Exam syllabus

The exam syllabus is a short descriprion of the course and of the education materials required to study (bibliography, lecture notess etc.).

Courses syllabus are available from September on Unimia, the students webpage.

Registering for exams

Students can register for exams by login in to Unimia, the students webpage, with the University credentials assigned by the Erasmus Office on their arrival.

Make sure to check the exams registration deadlines established by teachers. 

Transcript of records online

Exams and other tests results are reported online, and are accessible through Unimia, the students webpage, by selecting Academic career.

Collect your Transcript of records - a list of the educational activities you attended: exams, laboratories, etc. - at the International Relations and Agreements Office, that provides to mail it to your address, in case it should not be ready when you leave.