Unimia - students portal

UNIMIA is a portal reserved for University of Milan students and graduates, which brings together personal information and online services: it is an entry point for accessing administrative data and your records, academic and administrative services, academic deadlines.

It is designed for:

  • those enrolled in an undergraduate degree or doctoral programme, postgraduate school or an advanced training programme 
  • Erasmus mobility students
  • graduates (after 2010)

How to access the portal

You can access UNIMIA using your University credentials - those used to access your email account. Access is enabled within 48 hours of receiving your credentials, which are assigned at the time of matriculation:

  • students can find them on the receipt issued at the end of the online matriculation procedure: the username is your University email address ([email protected])
  • postgraduate school and  doctoral students receive their matriculation number and an activation code required to activate credentials. The username is your University email address ([email protected]).
Services offered

You can access many services from UNIMIA, including:

  • Personal details
  • University email account
  • Fees and payments
  • Badge management
  • Exam registration and mark acceptance 
  • Study plan submission
  • Career (electronic student record: registered exams and average mark)
  • Self-certifications
  • Ariel e-learning platform
  • Library catalogue and services
  • Additional learning requirements (OFA)
  • International mobility an Erasmus+
  • Diploma supplement
  • Courses and teaching staff
  • Internships and Placement
  • SIFA Services


Solutions to the most common problems

The UNIMIA system updates student records two days after the registrar.

If you have just matriculated, enrolled in the new academic year, transferred or graduated, you may have to wait one or two days to access your user page or view your updated profile.

Contact the Registrar to receive information regarding your administrative and academic status: they will be able to tell you why your access has been blocked.

Contact the office through the InformaStudenti service: you can write, phone or book an appointment with the front office.

If you cannot even access InformaStudenti using your credentials, register for the portal again and use the new user credentials assigned.


For administrative information including matriculation, transfers, careers, exams, and degree applications, please contact the Registrars:

Due to infrastructure problems, anomalies may occur that will be saved in the browser cache and re-appear even after the problem has been solved.
Refresh the page by clicking on the Unimia logo at the top left.
If the problem persists, try the following:

  1. Log out by typing https://cas.unimi.it/logout in the address window
  2. Close the browser
  3. Reopen the browser, clear the cache and open an incognito browser window
  4. Log in again to http://unimia.unimi.it/
  5. Enter your credentials