Enrolling in a Postgraduate School

Admission to non-medical postgraduate schools is subject to the passing of a competitive public examination, according to the process defined in the call for applications published every year by the University. 

To be admitted to a non-medical postgraduate school, students must: 

  • submit an admission application
  • sit any exams specified in the call for applications
  • if admitted, enrol within the established deadlines.
Postgraduate schools

See the offer, deadlines and calls for applications of the postgraduate schools. 

Read carefully the call for application that sets out: 

  • the number of graduates to be admitted 
  • admission requirements
  • admission and enrolment procedures
  • lessons timetable and attendance.

To submit the admission application online by the deadlines stated in the call for applications:  

  1. Register on the University portal. 
    This step is not necessary if you are already registered on the portal and are in possession of valid University login details (e.g. if you are a graduand or have graduated from the University of Milan).
  2. Complete the online admission application.
    Access the admissions service using your login details, complete the form and upload the documents requested.
  3. Pay the 50 euro admission fee by credit card or, if you live in Italy, using the MAV form generated at the end of the online procedure. 

Documents requested during the admission procedure

The online admission procedure requires you to upload the documents  specified below, in the following formats only: .pdf .rtf .jpg (maximum file size 10 Mb):

  1. Self-certification showing all official exams passed in order to obtain the degree, with relative marks, academic years of enrolment and grade point average (only for graduates from other Universities).

At the end of the online enrolment procedure, a receipt is issued. This receipt must be kept and shown to the judging panel on the day of the exam. This receipt is the only document that proves that you have successfully registered for the admission exam. Providing false information and failure to meet the requirements will result in exclusion from the final ranking list. 

Admission exam

The call for applications describes the admission exam required for access to the programme and includes: 

  • exam contents and how the exam is conducted
  • date, location and time of the exam
  • assessment criteria 

Once confirmed, the online application form cannot be modified, nor can it be supplemented with additional documentation.

The ranking published on the University website constitutes notification to the interested parties, since they will not receive written communication.

It is forbidden to enrol in more than one postgraduate school at the same time, on other university degree programmes, at the same University or at other universities. 

Applicants admitted to the programme course will lose their student status if they fail to enrol within the specified deadlines for registration. Should this occur, their place shall be given to the next applicant in the ranking list.

If you have passed the admission exam, you may enrol by the specified deadlines. 

To submit your admission application online

  1. Scan your passport photo and identity document (front and back). These documents must only be sent in the following formats: JPG, PNG, BMP (maximum file size 2 Mb).
  2. Access the specialisation students enrolment service and enter all the required details 
  3. Pay the first instalment with the Pago PA system at the end of the online procedure, by the stated deadline. 
    Failure to make payment by the deadlines indicated will result in the automatic rejection of the enrolment application.
    Please note: If you choose to pay using home banking, you will need to do so within the times specified by your bank for carrying out online transactions. Payments initiated on the deadline day but which fall outside of the permitted times, are not valid for completing the enrolment process as they will be processed the day after the deadline.