Renewing enrolment on a non-medical specialisation programme

All students must renew their enrolment in the Postgraduate schools every new academic year with the exception of those who: 

  • expect to graduate from the postgraduate school in the winter session (with the exception of medical postgraduate schools) 
  • intend to transfer to other universities.

Enrolment must be renewed by the deadlines specified in Unimia, the student’s personal web page. 

Specialisation students who have not sat the official exam renew their enrolment for the next academic year “conditionally", and retain this conditional status until they pass the annual exam. Failure to pass the final exam means the student will be enrolled as a “Repeating” student.

Enrolment renewal is confirmed upon payment of the university fees.
Payment should be made using a credit card or the MAV form, by accessing Unimia or the payment service ten days before the deadline.

Students who choose to pay the MAV form using home banking will need to do so within the times specified by their bank for carrying out online transactions. Payments initiated on the deadline day but which fall outside of the permitted times will incur a fine, as they will be credited to the University the day after the deadline.

Enrolment renewals are processed at the Administration Office in Via Santa Sofia 9/1, when:

  • the MAV form is not entered into the website
  • enrolment relates to a programme year other than that specified on the MAV form

To renew your enrolment at the Administration Office, ask for the “Renewals” application form from the InformaStudenti service at the Postgraduate Schools Help Desk.

The form must be completed and returned along with the payment receipt for the first instalment, by booking an appointment at the Postgraduate Schools Help Desk in Via S. Sofia, 9/1.

Students who renew their enrolment after the deadlines indicated must pay a fine.

Office hours
Tuesday and Thursday  1pm - 3pm

Online or by appointment