Transfer from other universities to a non-medical postgraduate school

Transfer procedure is open from 15 July to 11 October 2024.

To transfer from another University it is necessary to:

  1. have passed the official exam to move into the next year of study. 
  2. Ask the Administration Office of the Postgraduate Schools at this University for the ‘nulla osta’ (authorisation) by filling in the relevant transfer request form. 
    The transfer request form must be accompanied by the authorisation issued by the Director of the Postgraduate School of the University of origin. 

The paperwork is sent to the School’s Council to be evaluated. If approved, the Administration Office contacts the student to issue the authorisation that will accompany the transfer request form which needs to be presented to the University of origin.

When the University receives the transfer paperwork from the University of origin, the student is asked to present him/herself at the Administration Office of the Postgraduate Schools to complete their enrolment. 

Enrolment documents 

The enrolment application form must be accompanied by the following: 

  • 75 euro transfer fee payment receipt
  • first instalment payment receipt
  • 1 passport style photo
  • 1 copy of a valid identity document.